Dirty politics in California

Man, it’s embarrassing how they’re trying to discredit Schwarzenegger. First the groping revealations and now this Hitler stuff. It’s pretty sad that they’re reduced to this to try to stop Arnold. This Hitler thing is alleged to have happened in 1975, and all he’s supposedly said was that he admired the way Hitler rose to power, which isn’t exactly an endorsement of the guy’s actions – just an observation.

Yeah, but how funny is it to hear Arnold on the radio saying he “can’t recall endorsing Hitler?” That’s awesome.

I’m interested to see how Arnold handles all of this allegations. It should give a clue how he will handle the frustrating parts of government if he wins. It must be a big change to go from big screen star with everyone’s nose up his ass to getting nitpicked for everything he ever said or did. Welcome to politics Arnold.


Poor Ahnold: “I’ve groped women all mein life but I’m sorry now that I need their vote.” Still liked a lot of his flicks, though.

A friend of ours – a very smart and attractive German blonde now in her early-30s – told us a story about meeting Arnold at a ski resort. She was in her early/mid 20s at the time.

Apparently he approached her and her friend and introduced himself. They talked for a while and he rather openly flirted with her, which she thought was pretty annoying since she knew he was married. But then, when goodbyes were exchanged, he hugged her – and totally groped her behind in the process.

So it sounds like “nice to meet you, I shall now cop a feel and go” may have long been his routine with the ladies.

(She told us this story years ago, back when the thought of Arnold running for Governer sounded like a bad idea for a comedy film.)

I think its fair enough. Look what they did to Davis? And what is Arnold saying? He is for schools, for education, and then lays out a silly 100 day plan that will never happen.

You fight stupidity with stupidity. And it is not like they are making crap up. He groped women, he said that about hitler, come on he was buddies with Waldheim whom he proposed a toast to at his own (Arnies) Wedding, Arnie’s dad was a nazis.

Come on. This isn’t like it is out of the blue. Arnie has a body of written work on him where he acts like a shithead, those should be ignored because he has made a few movies now? He is trying to cash in on being an action star who is a shit for a human being, except where it has benefited him.


I have to admit though, I used to think that Arnold coulcn’t act.

Well, the thing is that Hitler rose to power quite legally. He was voted in. He was legally appointed Chancellor by von Hindenburg. That brown shirt stuff… well… it’s no worse than Bible thumpers and the Republican party. (I jest. The Bible thumpers are much more of a pain than any billy club-wielding homosexuals venting their frustrations against the straight populace.)

When author and producer George Butler asked who he admired most, Schwarzenegger replied, “I admired Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education up to power. And I admire him for being such a good public speaker.” Butler also makes claims the actor “frequently clicked his heels and pretended to be an S.S. officer” and that he enjoyed playing “Nazi marching songs from long-playing records from his collection at home.” New York Times.

If it was just one thing, or just once - but the Waldheim connection?

No. Arnold is getting what he deserves.


The governorship of California?

Politics is funny.

You mean would be funny. If these people didn’t decide the fate of the world.

Not that Arnold is the only one with things to be ashamed about.

The sourcing for that Davis thing is a lot weaker.

I love how all the Cali women are up in arms cause Arnold groped women… but these same Cali women would probably vote for Clinton in a heartbeat.

Aren’t “dirty” and “politics” synonyms?

Well, whatever else you say about Clinton, there’s never been a well sourced accusation of sexual harassment. He only went after women who liked it.

Waldheim was revealed as an ex-Nazi afterwards (ie there was no public contact after that as far as I know), and it came as a surprise to most everyone, Austrians and Europeans in general. It’s unfortunate, but hardly damning.

Well, whatever else you say about Clinton, there’s never been a well sourced accusation of sexual harassment. He only went after women who liked it.[/quote]

Er, aside from the woman who claimed that, when governor, he had a state trooper bring her into his presence, where he proceeded to whip it out.

Well, Arnold was hanging out with him in 1998.