Dirty Shame

Saw this (WARNING: possibly NSFW) on the shelves when I was looking for CSI Season Two Disc Five for OLG last night in Hastings. For a larf, try to guess what it was on the front of that box that initially caught my eye.

I’ve been a pretty big John Waters fan for quite a while, and am a little embarassed that I didn’t know he had a new film out. My cult film tracking and intake has really taken a nosedive since Young Lady Gravy hit the scene a few years ago (initially making a huge splash with an exciting, raucous, several-month-long stint as Infant Girl Gravy before her promotion to her current position).

Anyway, I know a lot of Waters purists don’t like his newer films because they seem a little less ‘gritty’ (for lack of a better word - seems a pity to apply that old saw to someone like him), but I think some of his greatest stuff has been recent - Pecker, Serial Mom, and Crybaby. Serial Mom’s an all-time fave of mine, regardless of genre. I thought he hit a bit of a doldrum with Cecil B. DeMented, but that prolly had more to do with the lack of cast chemistry and the subject was a little too much inside baseball for it to really click with me.

From descriptions of Dirty Shame, it looks like things are back to normal for him - Baltimore citizens get a dose of crazy counter-culture and wackiness ensues. Classic Waters.

Anyone seen it and have any comment? Is he back to his shoving-fetishes-at-Wally-and-The-Beave ways?

Hey cool, while checking out the actor’s list I noticed that Hellboy 2 is in pre-production.