Disciples III : The Russian Experience

Released last year in Russia but with a release date for the West (ah!) of July this year and supposedly bug free and smoother, I couldn’t help myself and I downloaded the Russian demo and applied a minor translation mod and… .I was blow away.

Being a fan of turn based strategy and having played Disciples I and II, DIII is a whole new game, much more in touch with it’s RPG side, beautiful unit design and amazing art, combining the 3D of the units with the amazing 2D art seamlessly.

Definitely worth downloading the huge (3g or so) demo and applying the english translation thingie/mod and give it a try.

Now, where do I cash in my roubles?

I can’t wait to play this. Is the “western” release date still July this year?

How about some links for the lazy?

I wonder if they fixed it then. I loved D2 and was hotly anticipating this game. Then this thread showed up.http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showthread.php?t=58160

Your comments gives me hope that they patched it up.

Yeah, the delay on english-localization launch is supposedly due to Akella wanting to have the game further polished and bug free, “supposedly” because that’s what is said on the official forums.


This is the demo:

This is the translation:

just unpack to the main demo folder after installing the demo, overwriting the existing folder.

Thank God this is sounding promising. After the train wreck that is the HoMM online beta, I needed some good news from the TBS genre.

I’ll try this demo out tomorrow.

Awesome, didn’t know there’d been any sort of translation work on the demo 3 hours to download now, so I’ll give it a look tomorrow.

Downloading now! Thanks

I thought Disciples 2 had a lot of potential, but it seemed a bit puzzly. I like the idea of more RPG elements, though. Plus, Akella has been good to me in the past, so I’ll give it a shot. Didn’t they do the Etherlords games? Or publish them? Anyway, I really liked those.

Tried a couple of turns today. Pretty but I was disappointed to find the elegant Disciples battle system had turned into a generic hex map.:(

I also can’t seem to turn a mana site from neutral to owned by clicking on it and moving there but perhaps this just will get added when my territory expands?

Not sure about this iteration but the in the first two games you could only use a mana source by capturing the ground tile it was located on. Hence the specialized heroes who could use rods to magically convert the soil (Archangel for Empire can’t remember the other ones).

There are mines, and there are nodes. Nodes automatically spawn a guardian rod when you arrive there, or after defeating the enemy rod guardian if owned by a different faction. Mines are active once your terrain type is under them. They become yours, so you don’t have to ever visit one to activate them.

I really like what they’ve done here. The move to 3D is well done, and the graphics are excellent.

They decided to directly copy the combat system from Heroes of M&M 5 and King’s Bounty. Grid based area that units move around on and fight instead of the old ‘front row, back row’ system from previous Disciples games. This grid system offers more strategy and allows for the use of ‘special tiles’ that grant bonuses if one of your units stands on it.

This is now a day 1 purchase for me when it ships.

This is now a day 1 purchase for me when it ships.

Im with yea, just cant wait now damnit!

I’m glad I could spread the good word.
That said, I hope modding it is relatively easy, it’s got great potential (mod-wise).

Is the demo taking a long time for anybody else? It’s showing up as 3.5 GB - shazam! - but downloading at 90 kb. I loved the second, and actually finished all of its expansions, and have been waiting a while for three. Looks like I’ll be waiting a while(eeeeeee) longer.

I left it going overnight.

Game is pretty! And very nicely done. Dark and gritty, true to Disciples.

Only thing I can think of to complain is the lack of Undead faction… oh and the occasional bad pathing but that’s negligible.

It took quite a while. I’m guessing the DL is coming from a Russian server? I don’t know, but it also takes quite a while to unpack, and install. Well worth it though.

I look forward to purchasing Disciples III when it is released in the United States. About the only thing that would prevent me from buying it would be if it had StarForce.

It doesn’t seem like anyone else is having a problem, but I’ve downloaded this three times, and it was corrupted each time.