Disco Elysium (2019) - Detective RPG

Oh I saw it, maybe it’s great/10. :)

What a weird way to put it. Without context saying something is 8.5/10 doesn’t tell you anything whatsoever.

Just 16 hours left!

I was waiting for some more impressions and that’ll do.

All in.

Yeah, I think this is the most informative review yet.

PC Gamer has some helpful tips for first-time players:

“It is one of the best-written RPGs in recent memory . It is a glimpse inside the mind of Hunter S. Thompson, combined with the best script that David Lynch never wrote. It is True Detective’s Rust Cohle, drinking beer and smoking opium with Sherlock Holmes while Twin Peaks’ Dale Cooper is in the next room brewing damn good coffee.”

@FinnegansFather’s posted this a week ago but I only just read it, and it’s worth sharing again. It’s excellent.

First bit of good news - you can start a game with a created character who has all of the skills set to 1.

Trainwreck mode.

I see this is now released, and if you buy it on GOG before Oct 22 you get a free copy of UnderRail. That works for me as I’ve been eyeing UnderRail for a while but never got round to making a purchase.

I just did this. Had a slight issue where the order timed out but I did receive Disco Elysium (and my card got charged). UnderRail did not show up though - I emailed them about it so hopefully it gets resolved quickly.

Bought it on GOG now. Downloading/installing as soon as I can, which unfortunately is not RIGHT NOW but should be “later today”.

I hit a Game Over in 45 minutes and enjoyed every second of it.

Is this like that old RPG (think it was Traveller?) where you can get your character killed in the generation screen?

I am very interested in this game, but writing like this just makes me skeptical that the author has anything more than a surface-level familiarity with or understanding of either Thompson or Lynch.

A little concerned that the developers of this game think about writing the way many game developers do:

“Writing is words. So good writing is more words, and longer words.”

Seriously, I can’t believe they overlooked the role punctuation plays in writing. Especially commas, those are good for all kinds of things.

Let’s see, the “dump stat” always turns out to be the opposite of what I think it is. I always think “dump stat” must be the stat that you dump as many points into as possible. So it must be the opposite of that: the stat from which you take out as many points as possible to dump them into other stats.

So is Psyche the dump stat in this one? I wonder if that will make for the amusing playthrough? Someone with low Psyche getting into all kinds of emotional trouble.

Honestly don’t know if this game has a dump stat (also dump stat is the one that you dump all the way down ;) ).
From what I gather, you not only get positive stuff from having a high value in something. Like, you could be too confident in some situations.

This might be a game where you can just do whatever you feel like and see what that leads to. I somewhat doubt it’s the kind of game where you can mess up your build so bad you’ll have to restart.

You’re waaaay over thinking it. Dayum.

Just… what? Maybe look at some gameplay footage and see for yourself. Are your concerns based on anything you’ve seen? Or from playing Tides of Numeria?