Disco Elysium (2019) - Detective RPG

Trouble is that almost every other rpg trains you that rpg stands for strategy game. Then along comes this rpg, and it really, truly is all about role playing.

On the other hand, if @jpinard wants to roleplay an indecisive cop, I imagine that would work, too. :)

The other bad habit you’ll want to break is clicking on every single dialogue option. Just like in life, saying things or even asking questions can have real consequences.

I think I’m going to do a second playthru as a superstar druggie. For this one I’ll continue as the socialist apologetic who thinks he likes art.

Man this was so good. I want to learn more about the world we were in. The pale, the anomaly, how their world and its landmasses are situated. I shed a tear near the end when all my psycho babbling turned into something real and wonderful.

If you want the maximum world-building, try another playthrough dumping points into Encyclopedia and Conceptualization.

Funny how every bump of this thread makes me want to fire it up and play through it again.

Every bump of this thread makes me hope the console version is almost done. Come on, folks, it’s been a year!

Here you go, wish granted :

Wow awesome!

Woo-hoo! I assume Xbox as well? It hasn’t become a PS exclusive in the last year?

Jeez, March? What’s taking so long…

Actually, I looked it up, and not 'til summer '21, at least for the console versions. And yes, it’s still on the Xbox.

Just in time to make everyone have to redo their critiques and deep dives into Disco Elysium, haha. Not that I would complain about having Noah Caldwell Gervais talk more about the game’s themes and narrative.

Are you joking? I finished it two weeks ago! Grrr

Nice! Will have to revisit the game later next year then.

As for the other ports, yes, Xbox & Switch in summer.

According to RPS PS4/5 will happen in March with the other consoles happening in summer.

Ah. Well, that’s a bummer.

Is voice acting going to a positive here? I understood there was a lot of reading. Is that now a lot of being read to?

Yes, I’d say so. Voice acting is solid overall, and it’s not like you have to sit through every line. I never found it annoying. That part when you switch from the voiced part of a dialog tree to the text-only part was always a bit (negatively) noticeable to me.

More Kim voice can only be a good thing, I would think.

I found the voice acting to be uniformly excellent.