Disco Elysium (2019) - Detective RPG

One thing I do like about IGN is they aren’t afraid to rate games a 10/10. Their rating scale is inflated for sure, but they don’t hold with this 9.875 business, there are no 3.5 stars out of 4, no A minuses, they don’t pussy out.

Never heard of this site, but it sounds like this should be avoided on the PS5 for now.

It is funny now how consoles typically have major performance issues while its the PC version that is usually the best in this regard.

Yeah, the PC never gets shafted with console ports. /s

Reading that link it’s probably important to note the update to the article at the top, which probably didn’t exist when @LeeAbe posted it.

I love the voiceacting for the narrator and skills, but I’m not wild about some of the new performances. I can’t imagine they’d bother anyone who hasn’t played it already, but they just seem a bit off to me.

Just started playing this (couple hours in now) and I can’t remember the last time that an RPG sucked me in so hard - and there’s not even any combat! The writing is out of this world, this absolutely does set the new standard for RPG storytelling. Voice acting is top notch too, although judging by Steam forums posts people preferred the old/classic system? I have no clue what awaits me further down the line as far as story goes, but I am already determined to try it with a vastly different build to see the scenes from different perspectives.

I have never in my life heard a track from a game that would capture the mood as good as this one. Real masterpiece.

How the hell did I sleep on this game…

I knew about it and still plan I firing it up soon. I sort of wish I played the OG version first though because I hear there is a lot of text. Must increase game time by a lot if you sit there and listen to all the VO.

Well you still get the text as well, and you don’t have to listen to all of the voice… you can skip through it after you read the text.

It’s like any voiced RPG with subtitles.

I for one would love to hear more of your thoughts as you go. Easily my favorite game.

The incredible OST is available to buy via British Sea Power’s bandcamp page. All three versions of Whirling-in-Rags are fantastic.

It was designed without full VO, and it is heavy in prose, as is natural with cRPGs without a full VO requirement!
Ergo, instead of reading much of the game at a quicker pace, I will be sitting there listening, which will naturally take longer. This is quite unlike a game that is designed with full VO, where the dialogues are shorter and limited to change due to that constraint.

Better approach for a dialogue-heavy game might be to VO the initial statement/interjection and then leave the rest to be read. But you need to design the game with that in mind, so the VO’d parts are impactful. I still haven’t played DE but I wouldn’t want PS:T fully voiced.

That’s kind of how Disco Elysium was originally. The percentage of voiced dialogue for a character pretty much corresponded to the character’s importance.

All the text is still on the screen like it originally was, it’s just voiced now. You can also skip ahead when you’re done reading, plus I believe I saw on option to disable the voice overs in the options screen.

The game seems basically the same as when I played it at launch, just with added vo, bug fixes, qol improvements etc

The Cuno voice change is unforgivable!

I didn’t end up minding Cuno’s change. It’s the new Lena voice that really disappoints me. Also, the old Klaasje was better.

At least the, uh…

(checks notes)


is, uh…

well, anyway.

I have unfortunately never had the opportunity to deploy, “the fuck does Cuno know what a rrrake is?!” in real life, but that line floats through my head at least once a week.

Weird, I prefer the old Cuno too. I found it very grating at the time, but it did nail the character perfectly - the new one seems too vanilla.