Disco Elysium (2019) - Detective RPG

If the text is entirely narrated (descriptions and all), it’s Final Cut.

I think I’d appreciate a little bit of gatekeeping, if it’s even possible. In my first playthrough, I was talking to Cuno, trying to figure out how to get the body down. Then I was searching the courtyard, I found Cuno’s hideout, and then I was able to ask him about entering the harbor. Harbor? What harbor? Nobody mentioned a harbor to me yet. So I’m able to enter the harbor because the game is letting me, but I don’t know why I’m there except because I CAN be. I guess that’s fine, playing up the amnesia angle. Then I’m meeting people and doing favors and I’m overwhelmed and wasn’t there a body I was trying to cut down?

I’m just really trying this time through to move through the world as naturally as possible.

So, getting into the harbor is something you need to do in order to interview the Union boss, which I think should be a task in your journal. There are a couple of ways to get to him, of which you’ve found one.

The game will let you go off the rails and find yourself out of your depth. There’s nothing truly off-limits except for the second half of the map, which opens on Wednesday. If you’d like the most “directed” experience, start with the oldest task in your journal, work it until you can’t anymore or need to wait for something, then work the next oldest, and so on. Or, if you prefer more direction, focus primarily on getting the body down and investigating it. From there, you’ll get more leads and tasks.

Or you could just let the body hang all week. Totally viable. And then find some speed and alcohol.

Anyone playing the Switch version that just came out?

If so, how are the load times?

I’ve been playing on Switch. The load times aren’t fantastic, but they aren’t bad enough that I’ve really noticed them much when playing.

Just did the back and forth with Klaasje and Titus. This game is heavy.

That’s what I did. Failed getting the body down, got as many modifiers as I could, still failed the check, refused to put points in endurance because I’m not some kind of Endurance Cop, ran out of accessible xp, had to load an old save to put a point in endurance and save scum the check. Doing it earlier definitely would have led to a more sensible game flow.

It’s possible to finish the game without getting the body down. There’s even an achievement for doing it without ever interacting with the body at all.

Now that I think about it, I didn’t get the body down until the end of the week, but it was the Authority check with Titus that was gating me from the end. Pretty sure I looked it up and that one is required to beat the game.

This getting the body down talk is making me wonder, is there more than one way do it? I only ever managed to get the big racist guy from harbour to do it for me.

Yep! You can also shoot the strap it’s hanging from.

I’m not reading your spoiler, but good to know there’s another solution when I eventually replay this.

Just to report back for anyone else interested, I did pick it up and I feel like the load times are not great but serviceable on the Switch Lite. They annoy me a little bit, but overall not enough to take me out of the game.

I installed this about a year or so ago while reading this thread. Never played. Checked here to make sure the version I have is the latest super duper version (as if I’d know a difference since I haven’t played.)

Starting it up this morning. Even found my notebook mouse to use for it. My approach: just wing it. Do what feels right at the time. No worries of winning of losing, just doing. No reading “97 things I wish I had known before playing…” articles. No idea how to build a character, so a bit higher on the brain side and chose Charmer as my sig. The one thing I took from reading through is there’s no one “ideal” way to play your first game. So I’m just going to see what happens. Diving in now, wish me luck.

I support this, but please do yourself a favor and save regularly because it is possible to lose the game rather quickly and you don’t want to have to replay everything to try a different path.

Save often. That’s what you’d like me to think. I’m a hard boiled cop I think and that’s the oldest trick in the book. Well, the oldest one I can remember. Since I can’t remember anything past about 10 minutes ago.

I agree it is better to just go in blind. There are a couple mechanical things that weren’t obvious to me at first. The biggest is that for white skill checks, you can retry them when you increase the skill involved or plot things can unlock them to try again. So early on there’s definitely no reason to worry about missing a check. Sometimes it’s useful to miss them.

When I started out I was hesitant to try the low chance ones and that can stunt your progress.

If you are going to do a low % check, make sure you have some healing items on hand, though. I died a bunch early on from that

A lot of people died in the first room because there is a skill check there that can cause damage right at the start of the game so if you have 1 hit point…RIP.

There is also a non-standard game over here. Instead of shooting the strap, you can instead aim the gun at Cuno’s sister and shoot her.