Disco Elysium (2019) - Detective RPG

Because there is literally no pixel hunt my dude.

This honesty doesn’t make any sense to me at all. You want to click around the screen for some reason? Why do you want to do that? Did you not know about the tab key object highlighting frobnicate?

This criticism is very strange to me. The map is pathetically small. I think it’s more the same map/every day repetition that ale’s you.

P.S. Like; who are you people? Do you actually play video games? There’s space. Usually lots of space. You have to move through it. It’s kind of a world…(too lazy? This is waste of time? Welcome to video games! Arugh)

I’ll eat my shoe if this doesn’t turn out to be about how space travel is all so depressing and how humanity is tragedy in space as well :)

I will happily munch on the shoe with you if it gives us another masterpiece like DE.

Maybe it’s isola exploration and traversing the Pale, which, yeah, is pretty depressing.

The curse of the Doomed Commercial Area, but this time after financial success: According to a post from a dev, the lead designer, a main writer, and the art director of Disco Elysium have all been booted from the company that made the game, even as a sequel is in development.

This sucks; anyone who has experienced the game can attest that a sequel made without those key personnel will not be remotely the same. Here’s hoping those folks get the chance to make whatever creative projects they want to make, whether or not it has the Disco Elysium name on it.

The thought unlocked by investigating the Doomed Commercial District seems relevant:

How not to lose? It is impossible not to. The world is balanced on the edge of a knife. It’s a game of frayed nerves. You’re pushed on by numbers and punitive measures: pain, rejection, and unpaid bills. You can either play or you can crawl under a boat and waste away – turn into salt or a flock of seagulls. Your enemies would love that. Or you can fight. The only way to load the dice is to keep on fighting.

Nothing gold can stay.

Did this ever get ported to Xbox?

More here:

On October 1, 2022, the co-founder of the former ZA/UM Cultural Association and editor of Disco Elysium, Martin Luiga, announced the dissolution of said association. Reasons? Loss of values and ethos by ZA/UM studio somewhere along the way. He also recalled that other originators of the Elysium universe (and the cRPG created inside it) – namely, Robert Kurvitz, Helen Hindpere and Alexander Rostov – were pushed out of the studio in late 2021.

“The initial investor was Margus Linnamäe, a high-profile Estonian bussinesman active primarily in pharmacy, but also in other areas. I would personally think that Mr. Linnamäe has made it a bit of his personal mission that each Estonian community with any weight should owe him something. […] In the initial phase of the development, Kurvitz and Rostov enjoyed considerable artistic and organizational freedom.”

“I only worked at the company on the first year, and then a few months in 2021, and nothing overly important happened during that second period. I am unsure if I even had an NDA for my first period of working, I rather did not. Anyhow, I am super worried, but I am still not disclosing all information I have, and there is also information which I don’t have, and I am rather sure that we will not have the full picture before the final judgment.”

“I think already the fact that three prominent figures have been fired, while the fanbase would expect them to go on, is vital information, and it hadn’t been held a complete secret either. The thing is, I love truth, beauty, and justice.”

“I support political self-expression. How could I be against it, having engaged in it so much myself? My position was that the fans had a right to know. I do think though that it doesn’t make sense to be offensive against the current workers of the company. It is unlikely to change their positions. The managers have a way of making people trust them. Robert (Kurvitz) and others had complete trust in them until it was too late. It pays to remain polite, even if it’s hard – and I know that I have not been a very striking example at times.”

“I think ZA/UM Studio in its current form will not be developing the sequel and I am unsure of the number of people that left in the company who also worked on the original Disco.”

“I think the three will continue making games** , as for myself, I haven’t decided the level of my involvement as of yet. Right now, it is mostly the phase of pondering ideas and managing our problems.”

Does this game has any battles and loot and character customization like Baldurs Gate 1&2 or is it more a visual novel with mostly Text?

It’s more visual novel with text.

Still a great RPG. The ultimate best spiritual sequel to Planescape: Torment ever produced.

The loot, found in closets or chests or strewn around the map, is kind of like Baldur’s Gate. But you don’t really get stuff off of corpses – unless you’re doing an autopsy. And most of that “loot” is information.

There are a very small number of battles, but they aren’t what you’d expect from a BG game. They are pretty awesome though.

Whereas in a normal RPG you collect loot from slain enemies, in Disco Elysium you gather new ideas which you can integrate into your identity.

Edit: it’s a meta game that pays homage to Planescape: Torment while commenting on the RPG genre and fantasy/science fiction.

I started this game a year or so ago, got about 8 hours in, found the hanging dead body and couldn’t figure out how to get it down and had to stop.

Decided to start back up and I see I have the Final Cut. Cool. My plan is to try a playthrough without reading any hints or strategy guides, etc. Is the game playable/finishable that way?

Not only is it finishable, It’s the best way to play it imo

Seconded. Just play and go with the flow. If you roll the dice on a decision and ‘fail’, don’t feel the need to reload and try again since the game is also build around making that not necessarily a negative thing.

There a two kinds of skill checks.

The “white” pass/fail. These can actually be re-tried again later if you level up the required “skill” for the check.
And the “red” one time checks, which give two different possible outcomes, both interesting, whether if you passed or failed.

Snake eyes always fails and boxcars always succeeds so you always have a chance of success/failure with all skill checks regardless of your skill level.