Disco Elysium (2019) - Detective RPG

This is the kind of game I usually love, one in which I’m free to play it however I want and there is no single path. But I’ve bounced off a couple of times. Both times, I was stuck pretty early and could not figure out how to progress in a different direction, and I think what really stopped me is I just could not see enough of the world/map to figure out where to go. Movement is just painful to me (very early, found the body, found a guy in an office, ran into a big deal guy but couldn’t progress past him, had a hard time just figuring out how to go where I wanted to go. Really need better movement and the ability to zoom out a lot.

There is a mod that unlocks fast travel options which would have been very nice to have in the game as it was made.

There is a thought that lets you zoom out a bit more, which is sort of neat and also sort of ass that it’s locked behind a thought.

I can’t imagine being stuck in the game. I had a gigantic task list, and there’s always the option of chasing down leads in random quests you get from talking to people.

I think someone else upthread said they were stuck too.

I don’t think either of you are stuck, you merely think you’re stuck because of the way the game presents itself. Technically, the game doesn’t care how many days you take or if you get the body down etc, only some of the characters do.

If you can remember what you were stuck with, post away and I’m sure we can help give you a bit of direction.

edit: Actually, thinking about it:

  • What’s stopping you taking the body down right now?
  • Have you gone dumpster diving near the body?
  • Have you spoken fully to the Union Boss in the office?
  • What about the scab leader protesting by the gates?
  • Have you spoken with Titus and the hardy boys in the Whirling In Rags yet?
  • Have you spoken to Cuno?
  • Have you spoke to Joyce on the boat?
  • Did you secure a place to sleep?

For fast travel – it exists, but only between 3 points on the fully unlocked map that you get past Wednesday. AND you have to be outside AND standing in a specific spot. It’s a PITA. My only real complaint about the game, other than the terrible clothing stuff, is that fast travel should have been allowed from anywhere to anywhere no matter what.

Git Good bro! I recommend getting alcohol, cigarettes and some speed immediately. The buffs are worth it.

Also if you can manage to find and wear all the power armor pieces, you’ll be unstoppable. Kim won’t like the idea of you wearing the dead man’s armor but you’ll need all the heavy armor so you never have to say you’re sorry.

To add:

  • Did you find your police badge?
  • Did you find your firearm?

The whole entire map isn’t that large, and very easy to find your way around. Another part of it opens up I think on like day 3. I’m currently playing Wrath of the Righteous in the shifting city of Act 4 and it’s a navigational nightmare.

Obviously someone went the Superstar Cop route.

I actually started out as the pathetically sad Sorry Cop but then decided to change my life and pivoted to Superstar.

And I started out as the Superstar Cop, but went hard into Sorry Cop as I began to go with the choices I’d actually make in the situation.

It offered me sorry cop but I rejected it and went with the likewise offered Cop of the Apocalypse.

OK, I’m still first day, haven’t found much of anything, lots of talking with various people including the labor boss in the office. Here’s where I am:

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you’ve made a ton of progress right off the bat. Just keep exploring, talking, and following threads.

It’s worth noting that some items on your to-do list won’t be able to be completed until a later day.

Go look in the mirror!

I finally played this last week. Its been in my steam folder for over a year, and for some reason I thought it was a crpg system with a more combat, but instead is more like a dark monkey island.

Played thru as a sober, touch guy, with a eye toward the supernatural. Was a lot of fun. Ill pry go thru again as a drunk madman. Just to see the how it ends if you screw everything up.

Semi related, last night I dreamed that Cuno was my neighbor, and he kept breaking into my storage, and car.

I forget what my first playthrough was. I know I started out as a Sorry Cop but I did drink, smoke, and use speed. Not sorry?

Apocalypse Cop sounds fun. Maybe with a focus on Inland Empire. The skill that makes you imagine crazy meanings to things on a cosmic scale.

Inland Empire was my signature skill for my first (and so far only, but I really keep meaning to go back) playthrough, and it was solid. Man, I want this game on my phone so badly.

So, a RPG


My name is Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau and I want to me a mighty communist!

They could have had insult karaoke.

Have you considered the variety of cloud gaming or Steam Remote Play options? The interface will be all desktopy, but it’s better than nothing.

Streaming isn’t real!

I just played this for the first time. I played for about 45 minutes, having no idea what I was doing, and then I guess I missed a roll and “died”. Just game over.

Does the game ever explain to you how the system works? Is there any rules or tutorial or anything? I was just clicking on stuff and then suddenly it was game over. I’m not really too jazzed about doing that 45 minutes over again.

As far as I noticed, and cared, the systems are just two dice skill checks with critical hits and misses (well, and modifiers), and two “health” pools that can’t go to zero. The very rare death opportunities felt more like a simple way to add something to the stakes and character limits, but they can come of as annoying if you’re not quicksaving.
It’s the worse at the start, when you’re slightly weaker slowly exploring a single space coming to grips with what’s going on, with no concessions from the game to start you slowly. Since it doesn’t have auto timed autosaves, all I can offer is that the second time through the start should be quicker by skipping some dialog, and remember to quicksave now and then.
It does, however, fit perfectly with the tone.