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You must be a blast at parties…


To be honest, I don’t really care either way with the Icon.


It has been years. I’ve been able to edit posts from at least July 28, 2014 prior to whatever change was made about a week ago. So I’m not sure why you would say it’s never been years.

This post is more than two years old and I made an edit on it on July 9 of this year.

While I haven’t edited this post since January 8, it was still more than two years ago from the initial post.

And there is this from the Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X? thread from July 2 of last year:

That’s from post #15 of the thread.


Is there something a user has to do to link their patreon account with Qt3? Although I think the P is really ugly, I still want to be part of the special ugly club!


@wumpus said that the same email id is enough. I think you probably have to wait a few hours for the system to be updated.


Is there confusion between posts that originated years ago in the old forum, but which Discourse would only consider as old as their import date to the new forum?

Honestly don’t know (can’t remember when we even made the switch), just wondering.


Just noticed you could pick another theme (qt3 by night!)… How long have we had that option. Been using UserCSS to get my own theme for ages… and now I find out there was an option there “all this time”.



Over a month now-- there was a lot of traffic talking about it!


Yep, and Solarized Dark is perfect.


Personally loving Got the Blues.


When I have that little notification numbers on my Avatar and I clicked one of the threads to read, the numbers disappeared after that. Wouldn’t it be better to have it reduced by 1? But that would give pressure, much like email, that I have x number of unread threads. I feel the benefits outweighs the stress though.


What the hell, Discourse?

This is how embedded Twitter videos appear. They do not render like that in Twitter itself.


Discourse is best software, no question.


This topic is muted because it is complete, yet @stusser won’t close it. I will not respond to anything in this topic.

Reply to the new post-migration topic instead… or, continue to post in this topic if you prefer screaming into the empty void of an uncaring cosmos.


Didn’t you hear, guys? He’s taking his ball and GOING HOME!! Geeze some people


Isn’t this post a reply? Or are you just bitching into the empty void of an uncaring cosmos. In that case, carry on.



I mean… to be fair, he provides an enormous amount of support to Qt3. I think all he’s wishing is that the discussion of Discourse the software and it’s use at Qt3 is consolidated to a single topic. There are 3 or 4 of them now and it’s sort of hard to keep track of which snarky comments are in which topic.


Yep, closing. This thread will be enshrined forever with W’s face at the denouement.