Discourse Question - Whats Up with Youtube Embeds - May 2024 Edition?

Has there been a change to how Discourse or Youtube is embedding links? As of earlier today they just appear as an ‘image’ in the thread (ie no indication they are a video), don’t play in Discourse and instead open a new window/tab.

I’m not necessarily bothered by it, other than lack of clarity that an image is actually a video. And Discourse does still have that bug in Chrome that would randomly start replaying a video you had watched in-thread…

The three large images below are embedded YT links…

YT Link test:

I just started noticing this yesterday. I no like.

Yep, forces a re-direct to youtubes. :frowning:

I’ve noticed them too; really don’t care for them. Too big, can’t play inline, look like images so might miss the video.

I figure it’s from youtube’s side, since they want people to view youtube videos on youtube? That was my assumption anyway.

But maybe it is discourse.