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I’ve played a few Idle games, right now I am playing Sakura Clicker, it’s not very in depth but I like it, lol.
I playing Idle Planet Miner as well, but I am waiting for an update for that one.

Anyway, I made this thread to talk about them, and I have a question as well.
Does anyone know of any games with prestiging where you can respec the bonuses gained through prestige?

In a lot idle games, I always in up wishing I could just take points out of one thing and add to another. Of course, if a game had this option, it would probably need to include a cost or caveat to respecing those “prestige points”, or some way to balance it, I guess.

In Idle Planet Miner, there’s the “prestige” option of selling your galaxy for credits, and spending them on upgrades for every run after that. But, there’s also a 24 hr challenge. Starting a challenge prompts you to sell your current galaxy first, as a requirement, you then start a new one, with a 24 hr limit. At the end of the 24 hrs, you are rewarded stars on the resources you have unlocked (each star give +20% value to that resource), meaning X number of stars distributed across Y number of resources, where Y is EVERY resource you’ve EVER unlocked, and X is set equal to the amount of zeros after 100,000 in galaxy value. (1m=1*,10m=2*,100m=3*,1b=4*,etc.)
Also after the challenge is done, you have to wait 72 hours to start a new one. (you can end the challenge at any point and it will start the 72 hour clock there)

So, that presents a scenario where you have 20 or 30 or so resources, and getting maybe 4 or 5 stars each challenge, spread out across them at random.

That being said, the faster way to get credits in the game is to sell your galaxy at around 12.6 million value, netting 11 credits. (10 million is the soonest you can, netting 10 credits, getting to 12.6m instead of 10m is not that much longer and the next one up is 21m for 12 credits)
If you are indeed going to be selling at 12.6m every galaxy, you are not going to use hardly any of the resources in the game to get there. (around 15 total resources)

So, if you just stuck to those 15 or so resources, every galaxy sold at 12.6m, you would get the most credits for your time, AND every time you did a challenge, you would earn stars on ONLY those 15 resources, further speeding up your credits per hour.

The way people normally play the game, they push as far as they can during a challenge to get as many stars, and yes each star in its own right, is a nice bonus.

So I guess worse case scenario, you have 100 stars divided among the 71 total resources in the game(~1.4 average per resource), best case scenario you have 100 stars divided among only 15 resources(~6.66 average per resource).

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