Disgaea 7: Universal Prinnyclips

I’m still in very early Item World exploration in this version, but there’s also some interesting risk/reward in which enemies you choose to engage because killing them ratchets up the enemy difficulty. I blew through one 10-level run on a low-level item with ease, just opportunistically grabbing upgrades, otherwise sprinting to the exits, and one-shotting the boss. On the next similar run, I methodically cleared every level and went from one-shotting everything to barely being able to dent the boss.

I skipped 6, so everything I think about this one is from the POV of going 5 to 7.

I’ve only done 3 item world runs to 10 to boot, so grain of salt and all that. . .

But the “killing seems to dramatically escalate enemy scaling” thing threw me waaaaay off. I mean these weren’t exactly same tier/rarity items, whatever. But the one I killed a lot saw enemies scale almost 30 levels by floor 10 (starting out at monster level 10, and that’s just a dramatically higher rate than any previous game in the series). And the others didn’t seem close. The amount of item levels you gain on a quick 10 floor run also seems weird, way above what I remember from 5. Seemed like orbs and such were way more common, and you usually get bonus levels from the bonus gauge.

A big complaint I am seeing repeated on this one is that innocents don’t affect item stat growth this time. There are of course many other things that do, but that seems like an odd decision. Inherent item properties seem like a bigger deal this time around though.

Jumbility feels completely pointless.

Item growth is way accelerated relative to previous games. For simpler cases of just powering up a bit this makes it faster and IMO more fun than power rushing/skipping through 100+ stages, while for the hardcore “make ultimate item” case you use item reincarnation to reset it while adding more base stats and affixes each time.

The innocent thing never really mattered except for the super hardcore and I think they want you to use item reincarnation for that. For example if you want to add HP to an armor item, reincarnate a consumable into an armor. (Might have to run it through the research team a couple times to get it to give you the option, though)

I was a little surprised that there are never new abilities added to jumbo characters, but it’s still somewhat useful because the attacks have infinite range and a large area, so you can snipe stuff. It’s mostly useful in the item world since the meter carries over. If you make sure to always jumbify a character in the squad for it the stat boost usually lets them one-shot their targets.

It does also refill HP, which is rarely useful for the player but it’s sure annoying when the Item God does it.

What is this Jumbolality thing you guys are talking about? Should a potential Disgaea 7 fan who hasn’t started playing yet be concerned?

It’s just a special ability that makes a character turn giant and move to the side of the stage, where they can then attack anywhere on the board. It’s amusing and sometimes useful but not particularly important or complicated.

In other words: appropriate to the theme of Disgaea 7 (which takes place in a Japan-like area of the Netherworld), there are now kaiju battles in the game. ;)