Disgaea anime coming soon

.torrent of the subtitled promo.

I am happy they are using the music, and Mid-Boss, and that the animation quality is nice.

Wow, the budget on that must be huge. I thought it was a movie at first. I was a bit skeptical about the transition of the humor from game to anime (still am somewhat) but they did a pretty good job on the content in that promo. I’ll watch a few episodes before I judge it.

Well. I don’t know if I’d watch the show, but Disgaea was my favorite PS2 game until I tripped over the cord and demolished the unit. Needless to say the kid was pissed off. Until he realized that he could now beg for a 360 every waking moment…

So I’m thinking, a refurbished PS2 is what, under $100. That sounds about right. I still have to finish God of War as well.