Dish vs Direct TV

I’m getting ready to move, and would like to go back to satellite TV. I had Direct previously, but am now using Comcast. I hate the stupid DVR Comcast uses, but that’s beside the point.

My major problem is that Direct TV requires a phone line. I’ve heard that Dish Network doesn’t disable the USB ports on their boxes so that their updates can be received from the internet. Any truth to this?

I’ve had DirecTV for years now and none of my receivers are hooked to phone lines. You only need a phone line if you want to order pay-per-view stuff…which I don’t.

And don’t bother with any cable company’s crappy DVR. Get a Tivo. I just got a refurbished 180-hour Tivo for about $50 bucks…total. Yeah, it’s twelve bucks or so a month (actually it’s 6.95 since I have another Tivo in the house), but the crappy DVR will be 5 bucks a month too. Spending an extra 7-bucks or so for a device that is completely intuitive (I never, ever have to figure out recordings for my wife anymore…she does it herself) and that never, ever fails me is worth a few extra bucks a month to me. [You might even get a better deal on ebay with a box that includes a year’s worth of service.]

My Tivo is networked to my LAN and so no phone lines are involved whatsoever.

To be fair, I’ve never had Dish so I don’t know. Last time I considered going over to them DirecTV upgraded all my receivers.


My DirecTivo’s are not hacked so they do kinda require a phone line occasionally.

Every 3 months if you don’t connect it’ll bitch and stop recording.
Firmware upgrades are downloaded over sat but activated over the phone.

Had reception problems with HD signals. It was cause the initial contractor did a lousy job and I only had 40-50ish reception on the HD bands, so it would wash out in rain. After repositioning, absolutely crystal clear.

Tivo is technophobe friendly. I’m on my fourth HR10-250 unit. Two died at the same location till I put a decent UPS in place. Also have one of the HR20 units. They are somewhat snappier, but have a crappy interface reminding me of windows 3.11

I have one land phone jack in my home so what I do is get those portable phone over powerline adaptors. As long as it works once over 90 days I’m fine.

*Exact interval may not be 90 days.

I’ve had no problems with Dish Network, and their free DVR is pretty good.

I’ve had the Dish ViP 622 HD receiver for about a year now and really, really like it. It’s whisper quiet and so far trouble-free.

I was treated like a criminal by Dish Network.

Because I put my cell phone number on my account instead of my home number, I was repeatedly audited and was treated very badly.

They ordered me around to check each unit and made it clear was not allowed to make a sound or speak with anyone. Furthermore, they said each and every week this process would be repeated until I put my home number on the account instead.

I quit immediately.

They begged me to come back-but I had already broken all 4 Dish Satellite receivers over my knee-two HD two standard.

It felt sooooo GOOD!

Never going back!