Dishonored 2 - Nov 2016

November 11th release date announced (Bethesda sure likes to use 11/11 for release dates, eh?)

Excited to get my hands on this. Dishonored was one of the last games where I remember loving the main game and all the DLC.

The company that made Dishonored wasn’t owned by Bethesda when Dishonored 1 came out were they? I hope Bethesda doesn’t screw them up.

Yeah the first game and the DLC were superb. Much, much stronger effort than Thief 4.

I’m not a fan of these 4 year dev cycles, e.g., Deus Ex. That doesn’t mean we need to go all Far Cry / AC / CoD / whatever, but can we at least bring it down to 3 years? Kthx.

IMO, Dishonored was the best game of the last generation.


Loved Dishonored, some of the best art design in levels, with such a simple style.

I’ll be getting this day 1.

I’m excited. I hope they kept the super smooth animations from the first game. And maybe nerfed or even removed Blink.

What? No! Blink is one of the best parts of Dishonored for me.

Yeah it’s great but it also makes level design irrelevant.

Actually I think it made the level design even more important. Being able to get up into areas you couldn’t reach by foot made the level designers work harder to make sure finding those areas was worthwhile. I watched a streamer on Twitch playing the game a couple months ago and he found all sorts of passages and ways through the level that I never saw in my own playthrough. That’s great level design which took the power into consideration.

Yup, that’s my take on it as well.

If they get rid of Blink, I’m out. That power made the game for me.

I think the levels were in place before Blink was added, you can find references to that in interviews with Colantonio where he talked about playtesters ‘breaking’ the game with Blink and getting to places that weren’t meant to be reached. Some changes were definitely made after the fact though. But that’s not my point, with blink you can very effectively bypass patrols or just jump from one pile of cover to the next. That makes level designer’s job easier because he doesn’t have to account for line of sight or patrol timings.

Same, unless the idea is Blink is replaced by something equally or even greater awesome sauce that fills the same role (traversal, etc.) I loved Blink (and all the other tools you got).

I skimmed this thread, but what I got from it is that Bethesda forced the developers to remove Blink at the 11th hour. Does that sound right?

I heard it’s now a F2P MOBA and it’s exclusive to

Guys I think Lionhead is buying Bethsoft heard it on the Twitters.