Dishonored 2 - Nov 2016

They were really well done games, however, by the end of it I was getting bored of the world. I was starting to feel a like I had seen it all before when it ended. Id rather see another IP with a new world and new mechanics than another Dishonored game.

Well, Deathloop is a new IP, but the mechanics are pretty similar… Still worth checking out

I am familiar with that game, and any game where the basic mechanic is, repeat shit over and over until you get it right is not my idea of fun.

I understand what you’re saying and I agree - that’s why I’m seriously considering the idea of going through either Dishonored 2 (or DotO) or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on the Iron Man mode and just embrace the way the situations unfold and hope I make it through. Obviously a lot of things can go wrong, especially related to Blink, or shuffling items around, but the games are still predictable enough that you can minimize this.

Of course, as always, the core of the issue is that stealth is binary, you’re either a world class ninja or the entire level knows you’re there - granted, newer games are somewhat better about this by having isolated pockets, or not having linked enemies, so you can recover from your mistakes, but yeah, it is what it is.

But that really isn’t what you do in Deathloop. :)

So, as promised, I started an ironman run in DH2 - made it further than I anticipated, got zapped by an arc pylon in Jindosh’s mansion, but I was also at ~50% hp at that point (a mistake I will surely not repeat) so I’m not sure if I’d have been oneshot otherwise. That said, for comfort purposes I started an NG+ so I could have the QoL upgrades faster than I would have otherwise - faster and quiet sprinting for example, as well as agility upgrades are super nice to have. Unlike my purist stealth runs that I play on hardest possible setting I also dropped down most parameters to core (Normal) values, and I have to say it makes the experience that much more pleasant when you can peek out around corners and not get spotted instantly, or cross a street without a guard 50 meters away going into full alert mode.

In any case, the experience up to that point was sublime. I am now thoroughly convinced that this is the best way to play these games. I finally got to experience most of the arsenal at the player’s disposal, and it is absolutely wonderful to see different combat and enemy AI mechanics in action.

Hey all, only now playing this, crazily enough. Can someone enlighten me as to how you actually catch something that you pull toward yourself with the Far Reach upgraded power? Things like runes and bonecharms automatically end up in inventory, but how do you catch a bottle, say, so you can use it elsewhere? The tutorial text is mum about it and I can’t see it in the controls.

To pull something you hold the left trigger down, then let it go when it shows an aura around it, that’s clear. It’s the catching that I don’t get how to do.

I played this over the last week finally, wrapped it up last night. I still think I liked Prey best of all the Arkane immersive sims so far, but I did really enjoy Dishonored 2. My preferred method of going without killing or being spotted took me back to the old Thief games, with their restrictive requirements for beating levels at the highest difficulty. I forgot that Death of the Outsider even existed, may have to try that one next.

My highpoint was Dishonored + Knife of Dunwall/Witches expansions.

Dishonored 2 + Death of the Outsider are good but felt…less good. Maybe I am Jaded.

I guess the magic was gone, or the outsiders voice actor change really rubbed me the wrong way…

I agree, D1 felt better, though perhaps thats just nostalgia talking, as it was new and fresh at the time before I became more used to its mechanics in D2?

Generally I’d love a D3 with slightly LESS magical stuff - ie more of a thief vibe. Which reminds me I never actually played that Thief reboot from a few years ago. The response it received was pretty negative, but perhaps its still worth playing after all? Anyone here give it a go?

I played the latest Thief game some time back but never completed it. It’s difficult for me to articulate why I didn’t click with it beyond saying that I just never felt like the master thief that I was ostensibly playing - not like I did in the earlier games. Even at highest difficulty, I always felt like I had the tools to succeed. With the latest game I just felt like I had a difficult time finding a successful path and executing. But maybe that’s a me thing.

I guess in retrospect I probably liked the first Dishonored better than the sequel - I played through the first game twice so I could try different paths, one high chaos and one low, one using powers and one without. I feel like I’m satisfied with the experience of the second game and don’t need to go back, at least not right away. Still, cool experience and I’m glad I got the chance to try it.

Could it have been the shitty map, unintuitive controls, and constant loading animations?

Wow! Guess there’s no need to dig it out of my backlog then…

I’d still say it’s worth checking out for yourself, especially if you already own it. There have been plenty of games that I’ve enjoyed that were written off by the general public.

I finished this for the first time a few weeks ago, going the no magic route, which made it hard to be as stealthy as I’d have liked. Still fun, though as the games have gone on they’ve become less so IMO. The original was my favorite, followed by 2, and then DotO, which honestly I bailed on at the very end as it was just repetitive by then.

I still almost grab this every time I see it on sale for like $1.99. I reeeealy want to get through it. I never made past the brothel, maybe? Hard to remember.

I haven’t played it either. I probably would be better off replaying the classics or Deadly Shadows, or the fan based expansion Shadows of the Metal Age, a prequel to Thief 2: The Metal Age, or any of the top rated fan missions. The half dozen I played way back when were very very good.

I love the little homage in Dishonored at the Assassin’s hideout. The dialog is word for word lifted from the Thief: The Dark Project tutorial.

I’m sure I’m in the minority but I liked the Thief remake. It was decent. I could never get into the originals.

I had an ambiguous relationship with them. I loved the atmosphere; no game except the System Shocks have caused such a level of tension and even real anxiety like the first Thief game in particular. Mechanically, the games were ok, though I kind of sucked at them. I do remember having fun with the different types of arrows at least.

Played through Thief: The Dark Project on normal and Thief Gold on the highest difficulty but only made it half-way through Thief 2 on a second replay. I kind of loath the ending levels of that game. Garrett the Blacksmith!

The trick is shadow dancing. Steal patrolling guards key and lock them out of areas. Or you can be boring and just knock them out. Nothing quite like holding your breath though as a guard sticks his head into a dark corner of the room where you are standing. Mere inches and still misses.