Dishonored 2 - Nov 2016

I haven’t played as both characters, but the Emily storyline made me really wonder how they supported Corvo as a viewpoint character. It really feels like it’s meant to be played as Emily.

This is a game for agile, elegant people. I am a clumsy, stumbling danger to myself and others.

Although Death of the Outsider is really good, moving into a bunch of tunnels in the later game does move away from the richness that makes the setting special. Anyway, done - soon time for Prey!

Does death of the outsider go into the lore of the outside? Where he came from, who he really is? I am interested in that, but if its just a simple, someone is sick of him and you just go kill him, then not so much.

I think that’s really just in Dishonored 2. DoTO doesn’t give too much more about him, though there is more about the organisation that made him what he is. I probably skipped a bunch of written lore though.

I take back anything negative I might have previously said about this game. Sometimes it just so happens that you need to try a game multiple times before it grabs you. I’m now on 3rd mission and thoroughly enjoying myself. Level design is a lot better than in the first game, there are more available paths and it’s pretty easy to tell that they were made without blink in mind - paths almost feel like something out of Thief.

And oh my god I almost went nuts when I saw that the game has an ironman mode!!! I can’t wait to finish the first non-lethal/ghost run with Corvo so I can start over on ironman - I get the feeling it’s gonna be the ultimate immersive sim experience.

The quality of these types of games, like Dishonored or Hitman or Prey, is highly dependent of the quality of the level design itself. If you are in the third mission, you still haven’t seen anything. There is some truly excellent stuff later ;)

Wow, Clockwork Mansion is the work of a mad genius. With that I mean the level designer, not the character present in this level :)

Yeah @Bateau it was one of my favorite levels.

Also some free stuff for everyone!

Login with your account? Their promotion of their own exclusive store begins :P

Oh shit. I just realized I had purchased Death of the Outsider but never actually fired it up. Guess I know what I’m starting now that I’m done with Red Dead 2 and Return of the Obra Dinn.

Man, this kinda bums me out. I liked Dishonored 1 and 2 a lot, so I pull Death of the Outsider off the backlog. I’m not really into it. I should be. I can’t put my finger on anything that is different enough from the first two to sour my opinion.

I sort feel like my brain is slowing down when it comes to mapping keyboard keys to functions. It shouldn’t be the case since the player only has one active ability and it’s driven by the middle mouse button. It’s not like I’m overloaded with concurrent options.

Not sure why I feel like I’m just trudging along instead of enjoying it.

I ended up sticking with Death of the Outsider, but focusing on the main mission. It was kind of freeing not worrying about finding all the bone charms, or fulfilling contracts. I’ve never had a lot of patience, but I think that what was falling short for me - the game is well made and fine, I just don’t have the patience - which seems to keep decreasing as I get older.

Instead of carefully scouting with the vision tool (which I did use sometimes) I usually just relied on the blink move to get behind cover, or escape if detected. I tended to thin out the enemies by knocking them out where I could, sometimes killing them if I was spotted. Again, knowing my patience was limited freed up my play style. I tend to feel like I should be all stealthy and non lethal, but I think I enjoy being sneaky and taking enemies out.

Wow. I really enjoyed both Dishonered games, but this makes me want to do a replay.

That really was a great level. I certainly would like to see more games like this.

That video was fantastic, thanks for posting it!

Dishonored and Prey have been super high up on my list of favorite games. I wish there were more games like it - knowing Deathloop has some of the save devs has me excited that maybe I’ll really like that game, despite the previews having me less excited.

I’m hoping that Deathloop is a narrative-focused game and not fully reliant on mechanics, trying to be endlessly replayable, based on its core idea, like the Prey DLC. My guess is it will be a hybrid of the two, which I’ll enjoy less than Dishonored and Prey (some of the best games of the past decade, IMO) but I have high hopes.

Well Arkane is making the Looking Glass games nowadays.

I wish there were an embarrassment of riches that were the fan missions for Dishonored that both Thief games enjoyed.