Disney Infinity 3.0 boldly shows how far Disney Infinity hasn't come!

Title Disney Infinity 3.0 boldly shows how far Disney Infinity hasn't come!
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When October 19, 2015

For a game I don't like, I sure do play Disney Infinity a lot. Most of my playtime is a quixotic attempt to find something compelling, effective, or even just plain ol' fun in this heap of mismatched stuff. There's certainly a lot in here..

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the trolling continues. can always rely on tom for his wasted review scores.

Helpful info. I don't know anything about these kinds of games, but of the bunch this seemed like the safest bet for my kids, what with including Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and Disney characters. Of course my son also loves Lego, maybe I should go that route ...

I know, right?

I knew this would be by Troll Chick before I even clicked on the link to verify. I went straight to comments section for laughs as usual.

A well thought out articulated article of trolling. An opinion I don't agree with invalidates my experience and is clearly wrong. Does objective reality even exist? It frightens me that someone has an unpopular opinion about a game made by a huge unstoppable company. Where is Z-bone in this, our darkest hour?

Thank you for your support. Chick was no doubt paid off by those hateful Skylanders.

It sounds like I'm better off leaving Sabine in the packaging and not bothering with the game. :(

This is one case where I am fully and completely on board with Tom.

One of the things that really bothers me about this is the old "unlock content already on disk." Somehow Disney has tricked people in to not caring, or acknowledging this. Even Tom says "a new playset is coming out." It's not "coming out." It's already on your disk! You are just being allow to purchase your sculpture and unlock code. That's why your old content doesn't work - it's because an Infinity version never changes, never gets new updates, never grows. It's just a particular game with particular content locked off - and released in phases. The PC is the only worthwhile way to play them, because you can get the core software for free - and only pay for the unlocks.

I owned Disney Infinity for less than 48 hours. And I'm an unashamed, unabashed Disney apologist that takes his family to Disney World every year. Last Christmas, I felt like my kids were ready for a Toys to Life game and it was my pick because...well, Disney. Frozen, Big Hero 6, Brave, Mickey, Donald, Aladdin, Tangled, Tron, Marvel, etc. I went all in too- I got a starter set on eBay and a bunch of figures on sale at Target. Even bought an Uncle Scrooge disc single because he's my favorite Disney character, even though they pretty much ignore his existence.
Of course I wasn't going to wait for Santa, so I went ahead and "tested" the portal and game so as to avoid a Christmas morning heartbreak. After about two hours of it, I just felt sad and weirdly lonely. The game TRIED to make me feel like it had Disney Magic (tm), but what it really had was lame, boring and slapdash gameplay. And that whole toy box thing just pissed me off...why can't Wreck-it-Ralph team up with Hulk, I mean come on. It's like the game didn't want me to have fun.
And then the world-building thing...I realized right away that it would be a never ending stream of "daddy, what do I do here?" Which is fine, except daddy didn't like the mode and felt like it was also lame, boring and slapdash.
So in less than two days after I went all in, I sold everything opened on eBay and returned the rest to Target. Turned around and invested my family in Skylanders, and have not regretted that decision a single second some 65 Skylanders and four games later. Superchargers RULES. Santa is bringing it this year. In a previously "inspected" box.
And then this year, I _almost_ failed my saving throw against Star Wars. But I made it, and avoided this and it sounds like it was the right decision again.

Important note here, patches and system updates are the bane of Christmas morning. If you care about your children's happiness you should always do what this dad did and try to find away to get the thing open and fully patched before the big day.

Get Skylanders. As much as Spyro's been cast off to the side, it's a better, more enjoyable experience. If one of your kids really like a specific character that isn't a part of a play set, they won't be able to play with the other kid who likes Iron Man and happily plays the Avengers Play Set.

If you don't believe me, get a used set from GameStop(for Skylanders and Disney Infinity), buy a few Disney figures you actually like(because you can put them on your mantle later and enjoy them as a work of art at the very least), and test out both. Skylanders will offer way more than Infinity ever could hope to, and the biggest reason for this is the lack of crossover play Infinity has.

Jesus, people actually upvote their own comments? Really?

Must have been a mistake. Thank god the world has you to point out such atrocities. You are a saint and god's gift to humanity. Keep on using your time to scour the internet for mistakes and pointing them out instead of doing something useful with your life. We need more people like you!

Tom, now that you've weighed in on Skylanders and Disney Infinity, what about Lego Dimensions? Complete the trilogy!

"carefully buil[t] from a bit of clear plastic"

I know, right? I'll have to see about picking it up after the holidays.