Disney Picks Up Junction Point


BURBANK, Calif. — (July 12, 2007) — Disney Interactive Studios today announced that it has acquired Austin, Texas-based Junction Point Studios, a video game development studio led by industry luminary Warren Spector. Junction Point Studios will create new video game franchises and will also bring some of Disney’s most beloved franchises to next generation gaming platforms. The studio is currently working on a yet to be announced next-generation development project.

The Little Mermaid MMO!

WTF…they haven’t released a game yet.

I hear they paid with ninja gold.


Does this mean toontown is going to be reborn on consoles? It’s the perfect console MMO I think!


LOL Warren sells out before he ships game 1!

What the fuck else has Disney Interactive Studios ever done? Oh… oh, dear. It’s really quite bleak. Kingdom Hearts & Kingdom Hearts 2 are the only games on there (except for some Mizuguchi) that cut any ice with me at all.

Still, I guess everyone has to get funding from somewhere.

Tron 2.0 came out from them (via Monolith), right?

Soooo…bets on how long it takes Spector to jump ship (again)?

Not a bad financial strategy.

I’m calling it now, I think its Tron 2 (or Tr2n). If only because its rumored that Spector’s game is a cross between Pixar and Disney and Tron 2 is rumored to be the first film to be done by both Pixar and Disney. The only thing that doesn’t Jive is that Spector fears that many will say he’s sold out once they hear the IP and I don’t think anyone would clame that of Tron. An IP that has been linked to better games than the original movie.

Stunt Island 2!

I honestly don’t think that this guy…

…is too far off. After all, Warren Spector is the guy who co-created Toon.

Hasn’t he been working on the Disney licensed game forever?

Personally, I think they gave him Mickey. Yes, they trusted Warren with the definitive Mickey Mouse game, which is why he’s been saying that people will think he’s sold out.

It’s not selling out where he’s on record as wanting to do a real game with disney property. I also doubt he’ll jump ship, since this is essentially one of his dreams come true.

That being said, the only disney game I’d play is one made by warren spector, so there you go.

He hinted on his blog that it’s a Pixar license.

I liked Tron 2 and Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon. Unfortunately that little foray beyond kiddie gaming seemed end before it began with no press or PR to support the releases. Here’s hope that Junction Point can convince the Mouse to do something more. I don’t think they wanted Spector’s crew to try to out Nintendo, Nintendo.

Considering the concept art they’ve been teasing on their website, it doesn’t look like anything from Pixar, but maybe those art pieces are from the Ninja Gold thing they’re supposedly doing?

I donno, man.

NES DuckTales was pretty good.

DuckTales was awesome, and I recall the Aladdin game being alright.

Also, I have a special place in my heart for Roger Rabbit on the NES … The original open-worlder.