Disney Picks Up Junction Point

Yeah, it was. I was like 10 years old then, so it fits.

Outside of the new movie, was an actual Tron game announced as well?

The Mickey Mouse Illusion platformers on the Genesis were the best non-Mario/non-shooter platformers of the combined 8/16-bit era.

and it was made by Capcom along with many other Disney NES games

Some imported Chinese Disney rip-off “Game and Watch” I never played, and in all probability made up, was the defining moment of hand-held console gaming in the early 80s IMHO.

I had no taste at the time, but I enjoyed Mickey Mousecapades for the NES.

The Aladdin game was fucking awesome for its time.

DuckTales FTW.

The fact that you could lose post final boss to Flintheart Glomgold was hilarious.

Your point?

Capcom R0xz0rz?

I’m pretty sure Toy Story 3 is in development at Avalanche.

(Smarmy, I know.)