Disney thinking about another Indy film

…with Chris Pratt as Indy.

According to Deadline.

I’m cautioned that while things are very early, I hear the studio has set its sights on Chris Pratt as the swashbuckling archaeologist they hope to build the new franchise around, the role made famous by Harrison Ford in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Pratt jumped to leading man movie status with his performance in last year’s blockbuster Guardians Of The Galaxy for Marvel and Disney. He starts The Magnificent Seven with Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua in April for MGM and Sony, and there’s the inevitable Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel.

There’s a Magnificent Seven remake in the works? WTF?

Pratt in Guardians, Jurassic Park, and Indy would be some kind of nerd trifecta.

As long as Harrison Ford is still alive and acting, no one else should wear the hat.


Honestly, I thought Sean Patrick Flannery did a good job with him in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, it always seemed like he’d be a good person to pick up the hat.

I can easily see Pratt as Indy though. Right now it seems like the best option as Harrison Ford is getting up there. If you have reservations, just remember it wasnt that long ago they were talking about Shia Labeouf picking up the hat. Yeah, Pratts looking pretty good right about now.

I think Pratt could totally pull off the right mix of goofball and badassery required.

I’ll post this pic in this thread as well… Seems like a rather well-done photoshop.

Not totally convinced that Pratt is the right one, but yeah, I’m also just very happy that Shia is out of the picture.

Guess they could always do a repeat of the Young Indy episode where Harrison bookends the movie recanting one of his adventures?

I’m thinking Chris put himself in the running with Guardians, but Indy wasn’t funny because he was a goofball.

I’m betting Shia Labouf would continue as indy’s heir if they’d let him play the role nude…and with a prosthetic tail.

Well, he was also in Zero Dark Thirty, and while I haven’t seen that yet, I doubt he was exactly playing a cut up in that movie.

He only has a couple of lines in Zero Dark Thirty. He was fine in it, but the part wasn’t exactly a showcase for his acting.

His Starlord was sometimes goofy, but nowhere near as much of a goofball as Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec. When Starlord needs to get serious, he can. When Andy gets serious, he’s probably about to say something accidentally even more ridiculous.

But neither are really anything like Harrison Ford’s dry humor as Indy (or Han Solo). Whether he’s being goofy or clever, Pratt’s charm is more high-energy. It’s easy to imagine him in a role similar to Indiana Jones—a charming rogue flying by the seat of his pants (like, for example, Starlord)—but more difficult to imagine him literally playing that character.

But who knows? Jurassic World should be interesting just to see what kind of character he’s playing there.

I’m just afraid he’ll over commit to all these franchises and that inevitably he’ll have to drop out of one of them midway through production or something.

Plus, I’d rather he focus his attention on one franchise at a time, and maybe continue acting in films outside his perceived comfort zone. I like him enough that I don’t want him to become typecast and then discarded if audiences burn out on too much of one side of him.