Disney World tips

My friend group is kidless and we had a great time at Disneyland. I was mostly going just to hang out with people, not a big Disney person but ended up really enjoying it. The key was to be flexible on what we wanted to ride when - juggling between Lightning Lanes and rides with naturally short lines (plus going on a weekday at the beginning of August) we never waited more than an hour for anything.

Another bonus of Land over World; California is a much nicer place than Florida :)

Galaxy’s Edge was hands down the best at this. Just phenomenal worldbuilding that made you feel like you were on Batuu.

Just watching others plan their trips has more than convinced me that I’ll never go again, and I do have a kid. They’ve turned the whole thing into a job that I’m supposed to pay them thousands of dollars to do. It’s insanity and I have no idea why anyone puts up with it.

Tbh it seems like it would be deeply miserable to go with younger children. It’s hot, crowded, filled with random unpredictable waits and interruptions and generalized chaos, everything takes forever to get to and tons of walking and stairs and of course all the queueing. Plus just the mounting tension of the parents being responsible for keeping their kids alive, planning everything for themselves and all the kids, plus having to adapt those plans to contact with the enemy constantly…

… It’s basically a recipe for a stress sandwich that leaves a ton of kids tired and frustrated by day’s end. So, so, so much crying, all the time, all over the place. Admittedly the sounds of children crying genuinely feel like hot knives stabbing by brain, like how the sounds of people chewing or loud blaring alarms hit others’ psyches, so I might be overly sensitive to that.

Anyway, if the kids are super young, it just seems like they’re gonna be miserable and not remember it anyway, and by the time they’re hitting teenage years they’re possibly hitting Too Cool To Go To Cartoon Land With the Parents age (ah what fools we all were at 13).

Maybe like 8-12 is an optimal range, depending on maturity and level of chill.

But man, going there free and unencumbered with my gf 4 years ago was an all time joyful experience, WAY better than when I was a kid. Some of my favorite memories of our entire 20 year relationship! All the changes and increased expenses may have pushed it out of my radar, though - state employee wages haven’t exactly kept up with regular inflation much less Disney tax inflation, d’oh.

I went once, with my sister and niece, and yeah, there is some magic there for sure. As I’ve aged though my tolerance for crowds, noise, and hassle has plummeted I’m afraid.

I think you’re right on the golden age for kids. Any younger and it’s too much hassle. Any older and you risk them being too cool for school. But going with my nephews and niece around that age it was fun to experience the wonder through their eyes.

Oh my goodness this a thousand times. When I was younger we had extended family go every other year, and even in my 20s it was so much fun to grab everyone’s park tickets while they got in line for something, run to the next ride everyone wanted to get on, and run back in time to join them in line. Now kids (and adults) have more reasons to stare at their phones. My kids will never know the thill of figuring out the optimal path from Jungle Cruise to Space Mountain, weaving back and forth through traffic.

I haven’t been back yet since Disney put in Genie+, but it’s always sounded horrible to me, and the early morning reservation system for new stuff only sounds worse. The last two times we went we just basically decided we weren’t going to do the latest ride (I think it was the 7 Dwarves Mine Train) because we didn’t want to wait for 3+ hours. Good thing too because it kept breaking down, so all that time wasted.

As for younger kids, there is something really great when you see your kids light up once they get in the parks. It’s all new to them (even if they’ve been there before), and there’s nothing quite like it. The big thing we learned was to ratchet expectations on what you could see and do way down, and bring strollers for naps. And don’t be reluctant to send them back to the room if they really need it.

And don’t go in the summer. Ever. Between the heat and the crowds it just never is worth it.

The one year when they were doing the preregistration stuff we did ALL of Magic Kingdom in one day. I was like a Sherpa weaving around the park. We didn’t even have to run. It was just perfectly timed fast passes and a lighter crowd as it was the end of August. You could never pull that off now.

We still had a ton of fun last time, but I can’t recommend it to anyone until they change their system. The best thing we did was that they had the park open extra hours for deluxe hotels. While the fireworks were going off we went on Pirates and nobody else was on the ride. Like at all. It was a private ride.

We went in mid November and it was utterly perfect. Xmas decor had just gone up and they’d started doing all the holiday parades and after hours parties, but perfectly positioned between Halloween and Thanksgiving, there weren’t any holiday crowds there at all. Busy still, sure, but there’s never true downtime these days. Maybe, like, early February. Weather in mid November was great, too. Way less rain, heat levels tolerable, only ever got chill enough late at night that it was nice to have a very light cloth hoodie to throw on once. Obviously gaming the old wonderful Fast Pass system was great, and we weren’t even on property, technically*, to take advantage of stuff like extra hours or super early restaurant bookings.

* Instead we were at a rental condo at what’s now called Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek, which IS physically on property and technically closer to the parks than some of the cheaper Disney resorts. We snagged a 1 King private bedroom, 1 Sofa bed, full kitchen and jacuzzi suite with in room washer and dryer, with more square footage than our fuckin condo at home, for $112.50/night (plus tax), which is less than I pay to put traveling coworkers up at Hampton Inn in Shithole Crossing, NC. And whatever tier of suite we snagged provided free nightly access to their rooftop lounge with an EXCELLENT view of the fireworks shows at at least two of the parks. Definitely missed a few of the Disney resort perks, but that room remains the second best hotel stay I’ve ever had, after the Cosmo 1BR terrace + Japanese soaking tub suite in Vegas.

Magic Kingdom Day
Part 2

Note: Any pictures are from Google Image search.

We leave the shuttle bus to discover the largest crowd of people I’ve ever seen at the security check. I’ve been to Disney many, many times. I’ve even been their during the week between Christmas and New Years. It was so large we had to walk in the opposite direction from the gates in order to get in line. I’m not sure what was going on, but near as I can tell, all the resort transportation shuttles were arriving at the same time.

That was only part of the problem. As we slowly got closer I discovered that the Cast Members were desperately trying to herd the guest to the mostly empty security gates at the other end but no one was budging, causing a traffic jam. I assume because people were afraid to get out of their place in the the line. As soon as we were able, we booked it to the other end of the security gates and passed through without incident. Well, not quite. Daughter and Boyfriend had backpacks and needed to get them searched. And it was taking longer than it should. When they finally caught up with us, they explained that the security guy was from Brooklyn and wanted to chat about NYC (since that’s where they currently live).

Anyway, on through the main gates. No problems. Magicbands synched. We walk right in. This is at approximately 8:40. 20 minutes before the park opens for non resort guests. It doesn’t look too crowded. Great! Where to, family? Wife, Daughter, and Boyfriend want to first head to… Starbucks.

Fuck my life. We’re at the most magical place on earth and they want Starbucks. The park is still mostly empty and we are getting in line for Starbucks. I am not pleased. Besides, everyone knows when you go to Disneyworld you go to Joffery’s. They are everywhere and the coffee is solid.

But Wife wants Starbucks. The line is huge. Son and I wait outside, forgoing the air conditioning. Speaking of which, it’s hot already, but not nearly as bad as the day before. I think it topped out at 91F. Mangable in my mind.

By the time everyone gets out of Starbucks it’s after 9:00. The riffraff have ended the park. My plan to take advantage of early park entry failed. Thanks, Starbucks.

Daughter and Boyfriend hightail it to the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. It’s easily the most popular attraction in the park. I’ve done it before. It’s fine. It’s a good entry-level coaster. Not worth the wait IMO. Son is getting hangry at this point and I know just what he wants. We cut through Fantasyland. On the way, Wife remarks that she would like to ride the Teacups. This had been a family tradition. Wife, Son, and Daughter ride while I wait because spinning rides like that make me ill. It’s only a 5 minute wait, but Son does not appear interested, so we put a pin in that.

We arrive at Gaston’s Tavern. It’s in the back of the park in a Beauty and Beast themed area. It’s quite lovely and completely deserted. There’s no one here. We walk in and order a couple of Iced Coffee’s (Joffery’s) and a Giant Fucking Cinnamon Roll. I don’t think that’s the official name, but that’s exactly what it is.

It’s fantastic. Fluffy, sweet, lots of cinnamon. We share, but most of it goes to Son. I’m thinking ahead. I don’t want to fill up.

I check the wait times and see that Space Mountain is only a 30 minute wait. That’s a very quick walk to Tomorrowland from where we are so we head over and get in line. I check in with Daughter. They are still in line for the Mine Train but apparently the line is moving pretty fast. Our line moves fast as well. I didn’t time it, but it was nowhere near a 30 minute wait. We ride Space Mountain. Despite the age of this ride, I think it’s just great. It’s a must-do attraction. On the way out, we catch a glimpse of the Tron Coaster.

You can see where the coaster briefly exits the show building and buzzes past the line before going back inside. Honestly, it doesn’t look like it’s going that fast.

We walk over to Fantasyland again. Daughter and Boyfriend are off the ride and getting in line for Small World. I’ll pass. But we do see that Peter Pan’s Flight has a posted wait time of 40 minutes. Now, this attraction is notoriously popular and slow to load. You are almost never going to get a better time than this. It’s also one of my favorite original Fantasyland rides. We get in line and for a while it’s moving along at a good, steady clip. But then it just stops for long periods of time before moving in short bursts. I know what’s happening. We are experiencing the effects of the Lightning Lane. They are stopping our line to let Lightning Lane guests onto the ride.

We eventually reach a point in the line where there’s a sharp, blind corner. There’s a Cast Member there instructing us to wait. So we wait. And wait. And wait for what feels like 10 minutes. He finally allows us through and the boarding area is right there. Yeah. We have been waiting all this time because of the Lightning Lane.

But here’s the thing. This attraction actually has a very efficient boarding process. It’s a continuous track. It’s designed to keep the line constantly moving.

I am absolutely convinced that without Lightning Lane, this queue would be manageable and painless. Currently, with Genie+ it was incredibly frustrating. Fuck The Lighting Lane!

Onward to Adventureland (my favorite land) as it’s time for a Dole Whip. Once again, there is no line. We walk up the the counter and order a couple of Dole Whip Floats.

Heavenly. Perhaps my favorite treat at the park. We sit down in some shade, enjoy our refreshing Dole Whip and people watch which is always fun to do. We saw a Mennonite family wandering around.

The snacking continued. This time, the now famous Cheeseburger Spring Rolls from a cart at the entrance to Adventureland.

Just lovely. They taste like a McDonald’s cheeseburger with a side of Mac Sauce. Don’t knock it, people. They are sublime.

We travel over to Liberty Square. We’ve been in the heat for a bit and needed a cooldown. Hall of Presidents here we come. I have not been in this building since 1983. It was great. Comfy seats, air conditioning, and a nice primer on American History. I need to remind myself that people from all over the world visit the park. There’s stuff they might not know about our country. It’s was quite enjoyable. Even Son reluctantly agreed that it was an ok place to spend 20 minutes.

On to Big Thunder Mountain. But Wife vetoed it due to the 50 minute wait. So we rode the Disney Railroad to Tomorrowland. This is a nice, relaxing transportation ride that can get you to the main areas of the park. I love it.

At this point we are getting close to our 1:15 lunch reservation at Be Our Guest. We take a break in the Tomorrowland Terrace. It’s an overflow area that used to be a quick service noodle restaurant (which was surprisingly good). It’s outdoors, but shaded with lots of fans and an underutilized restroom.

Wife goes out to do some shopping. Son and I grab a table. It’s close to 1:00. This is when the Tron Virtual Queue opens up again. I will not be fooled again.

End of Part 2

Magic Kingdom Day
Part 3

At 12:57 I started repeatedly refreshing the Disney App, waiting for the “Join Queue” button to activate. This is something the App actually suggests you do. Such bullshit. This is the opposite of fun. But for the next 3 minutes, this is what I do.

When I finally see “Join Queue” light up, I jam my finger down on the button. And we’re in. We are in Boarding Group 126. They are currently boarding group 88 or something. It’s hard to tell how long we have. I discovered later that the App does provide a rough estimate.

Either way, it’s time for Lunch. Back to Fantasyland and Beast’s Castle. Be Our Guest is one of the premium table service restaurants at the park and traditionally, it’s very hard to snag a reservation. But not this time. We walk up to the hostess and she confirms our reservation. She then asks if we understand that this is a 3-course Prix Fixe meal. I can only assume that some guests don’t understand what Prix Fixe means. I assure her we’re good and she escorts us into a waiting area. Everything is impeccably themed. As we walk down a short hallway, the suits of armor sneeze , and say “Gesundheit!” to each other.

We enjoy the air conditioning for a few minutes and then a Castmember is ready to walk us to our table. There are 3 Dining Rooms and I was hoping we would be in the West Wing. This is the more creepily themed room, but we wound up in the Rose Gallery. It’s a large room with paintings on the walls and a statue of Belle and the Beast Dancing.


It’s also more dimly lit than the above pic. The Castmember told us guests are encouraged to walk around the castle and visit all the room. We sit down and enjoy lunch. How’s the menu? You get a choice of app, choice of main, and the “Dessert Trio”. The price is $67. Not cheap, but not the worst.

I ordered a Schofferhofer because it’s low alcohol, and grapefruity.

The menu changes, but for apps you have salad, French onion soup, potato leek soup, escargots, or a Duck and Pork Terrine. I chose the Terrine. Boyfriend asked what a terrine was. I told him and he ordered it as well. Others had salad or one of the soups. The Terrine was very good. Paired with the mustard and jam it was a tasty spread on the crusty bread. Not the best I’ve every had, but I was happy.

For the main you could get a dry-aged pork chop, Trout Amandine, Roasted Zucchini, Poulet Rouge, or Filet Mignon.

I’ve been burned by shitty Filet before, so I went with the Pork Chop. Other’s chose the chop or the chicken. Wife was feeling brave, so she got the filet. The Chop was excellent. Huge. Juicy. Full of flavor. The chicken looked great. And the Filet? Wow. Amazing. Tender. Full of flavor. Just a delight.

While enjoying our mains, Beast made his entrance. He strolled through the room, spending a little time around each table. That was neat. Here’s a pic I took.

I also noticed that the room really wasn’t that full. I was beginning to think that maybe, just maybe the parks would not be so crowded for the duration of our trip.

On to dessert. No choice here. Everyone gets a trio of treats: A macaron, a truffle, and a small tart. Tasty, but we were all so full I only ate a little bit. Overall, this was a very pleasant surprise. The food was far above what I was expecting. But it was expensive. I’m glad we did it, but would probably not do it again.

The midday heat was kicking in so we all decided to head back to the hotel to rest and swim. The Tron Boarding pass was somewhere in the 90s, so we figured we had plenty of time.

Back at the hotel, Son and I donned our swim trunks and headed out to the pool. It’s shaped like a bowling pin to match the 50s motif. We jump in and WOW! it’s warm. Like really warm. At first I thought it was a heated pool. It’s not. Because it’s been so persistently hot, the pool water has not had time to cool down at night. Still felt refreshing. I dunk my head underwater, come back up, and I taste salt. At first I thought this was just the sweat rinsing off my face, but it turns out this is a salt water pool. We swim around. It feels so good to just chill out. We head back to the room and relax for a couple of hours in the air conditioning.

I check the Virtual Queue. They are boarding group 112. I figure it’s time to head back. We are all still full from lunch, so we figure we’d wing it for dinner. On to the Shuttle. Back to the Park. Daughter and Boyfriend will meet us there.

Still time before our group is called so we wander around and end up at Pirates of Caribbean. It’s a 20 minute wait. Boarding group for Tron is in the low 120s. While in line Daughter and Boyfriend announce that they have arrived and will meet us at the entrance to Tron.

We ride Pirates. Love it. Another must-do.

Over to Tron. Our number has been called. We get in line. The exterior queue is beautiful. Wide open space covered by a canopy that follows the coaster. The line moves at a steady pace. There are some sample cycles you can try to see if the ride will be comfortable for you. Here’s a pic from the Internet.

There are a few teenage boys behind us talking about Tron. One of them says it’s based on a movie from the 1980s. They google images from that movie and start laughing at how bad the CGI is. Philistines!

We transition to the inside queue. Down a narrow hall and into a room. There’s a large floor to ceiling screen showing computery images. A voice instructs us to prepare to be digitized. The screen does all kinds of crazy stuff while the room dims. Suddenly the screen goes transparent to reveal the loading area below. Everything is neon blue. It’s really stunning. There are youtube videos showing this (and the rest of the ride) by they do not do it justice.

We progress into another room where the queue snakes around for a bit. Here you learn that you are part of the Blue Team and will be racing against the Orange and Yellow Team in a timed gate challenge. The first team through 5 gates wins the match. It’s here where you are also instructed on how to get onto your cycle and where to store your belongings. There’s only a very small compartment on the cycle for things like phones and glasses, but before you board you enter a locker room with around 700 lockers. Just find an empty one. Tap your magicband to open it. Store your stuff and shut the door. The lockers have a door on the other end so when you exit the ride you can pick up your stuff from an adjacent room. Did I mention everything is blue?


Then on to the boarding area. Pretty excited at the point. The queue is beautiful. We are ready to ride. Since we are a group of 5, I’m paired with a single rider. The gates open and we get on the cycles. This… isn’t exactly intuitive. I can see how someone not paying attention or who doesn’t speak English would be stumped. Once you straddle the cycle, you need to kneel down. This locks your feet into place. Then you pull the handlebars towards you. This pulls a cover over your back and behind. I call this the AssGuard as it prevents you from staring directly at the ass of the person in front of you.

It’s not the most comfortable position to be in, but it works. It feels like you’re on a bike and you don’t really feel strapped in. I glance over at the guy next to me and give him a nod. He asks, “Is this your first time on the ride?” I indicate the affirmative. He simply says, “Hang on.”

The cycles start moving around a corner and into a long hallway. I can see daylight at the far end. There are blue lights everywhere. Mirrors on the walls make the room look way larger than it is. Bright lights start streaking down the hall and suddenly we launch. 0 to 59 mph in just a few seconds. It’s intense. We fly out of the hallway, buzz the outside queue through a steeply banked turn, and then back into the show building where the cycles deliberately slow down for a moment in a dark room.

Then it accelerates again into the main part of the ride. It’s hard to describe. It’s dark, but there are lights and projected video everywhere. You can see rival teams that you almost collide with. You pass through gates. The techno music is pumping. It’s pure adrenaline. It feels like you’re in Tron.

It’s a pretty short ride, but oh so intense. The guy next to me asks, “Well?” All I can muster is, “Holy shit!” He nodes and replies, “Best ride in the park.” I would agree. We got off the ride, the whole family with mouths agape. Even Daughter, who doesn’t really like coasters, thought this was amazing. We all agreed that if were were allowed, we would jump right back in line. It’s that good.

It was starting to rain a bit, but there was more to do. We all head over to Haunted Mansion. The rain picked up even more. We were getting a little wet, but soon got under the canopy in the queue. A short wait and then onto the ride. Yes. It’s another must-do attraction. Probably my favorite in the park.

The rain had let up by the time we exited. Wife, Daughter, and Boyfriend opted to head back to the hotel. Son and I decided to stay on and close out the park. We parted ways and set off in the direction of Big Thunder Mountain. Most guests were headed to Main Street to watch the nighttime show. This made the queue for the ride quite short. We rode it twice. First time we got the very front of the train and honestly, the whole thing kind of sucked. It felt slow and lifeless. Not at all like I remembered. Our next ride we got the back car and it felt like a completely different ride. Very fast and turbulent. While on the ride we could see the fireworks over the Castle. Excellent.

We wandered over to Adventureland again and found that the Jungle Cruise was only a 5 minute wait. I love this ride. So many bad puns and jokes. And it was really cool to ride it at night.

Time to head back to the hotel. We exited the park and found a line of shuttle buses waiting to take guests back to the resort. We did not have to wait long. I stopped at the food court to get a snack. Morning oats with walnuts and blueberries. It was good and filling and healthy.

Long day that started iffy but ended on high note after high note. I did not miss Genie+. Granted, the park was not packed, but it was still busy. We went at our own pace and saw pretty much everything we wanted. I’ll mark this one as a success.

Big tip is hitting the rides when the end of day parades are getting set up, lines get short and you can often get some short lines right before park close.

My in-laws live in Florida. When the kids were young we’d do just 2 days at Disney each year (which had to be summer once the older one hit school, so for many years, summer it was). Disney was always first, so they’d be excited to see grandparents and cousins instead of wanting more Disney.

Nice to know I’m not the only nerd dad to take pride in that. Need to get from the Space Mountain queue to the Big Thunder fastpass machines and back? There’s a parade? OK, here’s how I need to go.

Fun to read the impressions. It almost makes me wish I enjoyed Disneyland more than I do, seems like in order to make the most of things you need to do even more work than the standard planning required to minimize wait times. But my hat’s off to those of you who are up to the task.

Epcot Day
Part 1

I anticipated a much more chill day than the Magic Kingdom and informed the clan that although the park opens at 9, there’s no reason for us to rush out. We can head over whenever. I will also not purchase Genie+ because there aren’t really that many attractions and Fuck the Lightning Lane! My only morning goal was to get a Virtual Queue for the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction. This is the only other ride at any of the parks that is using Virtual Queue.

So I set my alarm for 6:55am. Alarm goes off. I get on the app, jam the refresh button over and over again. Hit “join queue” when it opens up and get a spot with Boarding Group 56. Sweet. The app projects a boarding time of late morning / early afternoon. There’s also an option to purchase a Lightning Lane for this ride only for $20. No way! Fuck the Lightning Lane!

The family are more or less ready to go at around 9, so we head out. As we snake our way along the well manicured paths to the lobby I ask everyone where they think they are going? “To the shuttle,” they say. Silly family. We don’t need to take a shuttle to Epcot. Instead we’re taking the SKYLINER!!

Yes. This is a new transportation options. It a gondola system that currently serves a few resort, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.

Sad as it sounds, this is may be the thing I’m most excited about. I’m fascinated at how Disney manages and transports crowds. They have buses, boats, a monorail. They are fine, but in my mind the Skyliner is a real game changer. Pop Century is one of the resorts that is served by the Skyliner and it’s a major reason I picked this resort. I escort my family over to the Skyliner Station. There’s no line. You just walk up and hop into the next available cabin. The cabins can seat up to 10 people but unless it’s crowded, there’s no reason to pack people in.

I asked about crowded times and a Castmember told me that lines do form but it’s still usually no more than a 10-15 wait.

They are quiet, smooth, speedy, and comfortable. Although there is no air conditioning, there are windows that provide a steady breeze. Even in the middle of a hot day, the cabin was comfy.

In 15 minutes we were at Epcot. The Skyliner drops guests off at the back of the park right between the UK and France. No line at Security. No line at ticketing. As we enter the park, I check wait times on the app. The Ratatouille attraction has a wait of 30 minutes. Since I know this is super popular, I suggest we pop over and get in line. Everyone agrees. The line looks short. The exterior queue shaded but it’s already pretty hot today. Thankfully there are fans everywhere. We’re in line for about 20 minutes when a Castmember comes out to inform everyone that the ride as broken down. Well that sucks.

We leave the line. I check the Virtual Queue. They a boarding somewhere in the low 20s. Plenty of time to mess around. We go over to Les Halles for some breakfast. It’s the boulangerie-patisserie in France. We all get some variation of cheese and or meat in a croissant. Boyfriend pays for breakfast. Well played, sir. My wallet was still smarting after lunch yesterday.

We start making our way toward the front of the park. The food booths for the Food and Wine Fest open up later, but everyone was jonesing for some coffee. I spot a Joffery’s Kiosk just outside of Canada. Wife refuses. She wants Starbucks. I roll up my sleeve and show her my imaginary “Joffery’s 4 Life” tattoo. She’s not impressed and says we can catch up with her as the Starbucks is just up ahead.

This time, everyone else in the Family agrees that the very short Joffrey’s line seems like right choice. We get our iced beverages (delicious) and set of in the direction of Starbucks. If memory serves, it’s in a small build situated between World Showcase and the rest of the park (which is now split up into 3 areas… don’t remember their names). But the Starbucks isn’t there. The building is there, but there is no Starbucks to be found. I then recall reading about the move to a different area of the park.

I text Wife. She doesn’t respond. We begin to make our way to the new Starbucks location, which happens to be near the GotG ride, figuring she will be there. We reach the Starbucks. It’s in a large building called Connections. Used to be one of the old Communicore Buildings in ye olde Epcot. Connections contains the Starbucks, a quick service restaurant, a gift shop and some other odds and ends. The food at the Quick Service place looks pretty good.

Starbucks is predictably packed with people. We scan the line. No Wife. We grab some seats and wait it out. She’s not responding to texts. Wife is lost. It’s unclear of we will ever get her back. I start scoping the area for single women.

I get a text. It’s Wife. She’s right outside. Coffee in hand. I slip my wedding ring back on and we all meet up. There’s still time before our rendezvous with GotG, so we walk over to Spaceship Earth.

Short wait. Despite being one of the original attractions from when Epcot opened (albeit with some updates) I think this holds up remarkably well as something that’s entertaining and educational. And that’s kind of what the vision of Epcot was. Entertaining, educational, and future positive.

Upon exit, I check the Virtual Queue. They are at Group 54. We are 56. Time to make our way to the ride. When we get there, Group 55 is now boarding, only there is some kind of commotion. As I get closer, I hear the Castmember say…

End of Part 1

She purposely wants Starbucks when there are other options?

The only reason I get Starbucks is because it is the closest coffee shop to my home since the local coffee shop was demolished to construct an apartment building (they will be re-opening in the retail spaces in that building, but it isn’t done yet)

Guardians is probably the best ride they have. I’ll be a sad panda for you if you didn’t get on and haven’t ridden it. It’s so unique and fun. The queue is a bit much as the show takes forever.

The only thing that compares is Rise which I mean is freaking insane. My wife and daughter didn’t research that ride so had no clue what was going to happen. So their jaw dropped when they got out of the shuttle. :)

My wife who went earlier this year said the GOTG ride was her favorite in the park, and one of the best of the trip.

I’ve been on many many rides and it’s so unique. The only knock is that it can certainly give people motion sickness. We were all fine, but I have heard people that get all messed up by it. I’m actually having a hard time thinking of any ride that compares to it.

Not to derail into a coffee thread, but this is a very strange brand loyalty to me when there is so much variety and, honestly, better coffee in the world than Starbucks.

But it is definitely a thing.

Joffrey’s 4 Life.