Disney World tips


One that apparently was a real thing, but you wouldn’t see while standing in line: rich families hiring a handicap person to go to Disney with them.

We took my in-laws a few years ago. Mother-in-law doesn’t have a parking placard or anything, but in no way could walk around the Magic Kingdom. We rented one of the park’s rental wheelchairs, and were treated to all sorts of preferential treatment from the staff. I did give an “Oh, that is cold!” to the girl helping us go in the handicap queue at the Haunted Mansion, after she said “wait here a moment while we make your Final Arrangements”.


My daughter and three of her teammates went to Disney World and Animal Kingdom last summer a couple of days after they finished up their volleyball tournament in Orlando. I had bought tickets online, and they had fast passes for a couple of pre-defined rides at pre-defined times. Their first use went perfectly, but the second time they tried to redeem their passes it didn’t work correctly. One of the park employees let them on the ride via the Fast Pass line anyway, but told them to go to Guest Services to have it checked out so they wouldn’t have more problems on the next ride.

At Guest Services, the employee there wasn’t sure what the deal was, so he basically just asked them what rides they were still interested in riding, and issued them new unlimited fast passes for those rides. Then he noticed one of the girls was sitting down, nursing a sore ankle she’d tweaked during the volleyball tournament, and he asked about it. When the girls told him she had hurt her ankle playing volleyball, he whipped up a wheelchair and some lanyards, and the girls got to skip lines the whole rest of the time at both parks. They had a complete blast, and referred to themselves as “Tessa (the injured girl) and her Entourage” the entire rest of the trip.

Basically, if you have any sort of problem at Disney, and you’re honest and sincere about it, the staff will bend over backwards to make sure you feel taken care of. They have pretty much the best customer services of any entertainment venue on the planet.


They got rid of this. It was a well known lie. I am not exactly sure how they handle it now but dear lord the boomers have a ton of scooters out there. It’s an issue with the buses. They can only take two at a time and you only get part of your group as a guarantee go with them if it’s a large group.You’ll still probably not see a place on the planet with more strollers, but the scooters are crawling up there too.


Last year, I was leaving Animal Kingdom with my 7yo daughter, in torrential rain. A cast member was walking the same way, caught up with us and shared her umbrella, walking with us and chatting happily with my daughter. When we got to the row I’d parked on, she insisted on giving us the umbrella, to get to the car - it was a Disney umbrella that apparently they give away to staff who forget theirs, and she promised she didn’t have far to go herself, but I was blown away by such a kind gesture.

The 3hr wait for the Avatar ride is something we went through twice during our holiday, but the ride itself is worth it. The second time round we were a bit more prepared, and we all brought books to read to help pass the time, which helped a lot.


That’s a great idea. Although it would be a regularly interrupted reading, in a two hour line I’m sure you made some progress.

I really like the idea mentioned above where you go early to the park, bail for lunch and a swim at the hotel, then come back at 4 when lines start to thin. That’s awesome and if I ever go back I’ll try it.


Boma is really great!


So going back to the line cutters discussion. We were at Disneyland on Sunday and these cute little >5 year old girls make their way through the line with purpose as if they were meeting their family. Which I thought was weird because what kind of parent let’s their really young kid wander alone. 5 minutes later a really mad dad makes his way through the line. Apparently the little con artists just bluffed their way to the front.