Disneyland Florida Trip - A Couple of Questions?

My family are visiting Disney from 19th December to the 2nd January this year. There are 25 of us going and we are staying at Port Orleans on site. It’s a family gift and my Father in law is paying for (very nice of him).

Anyway’s we have our advance details and can now make reservations for 180 days + 10 and have booked a few things.

We would really like to go back to House of Blues but it seems there are no reservations after 31st of August 2014. I rang Disney and spoke to dining and said it must be fully booked. I did say it must be fully booked from the 1st of September till the 31st December then but there is plenty of availability in August which seems odd. The lady just said well I can’t book anything.

Anyone have any idea if there there is a time limit in how far ahead you can book, I also tried their website and it won’t let you book that far ahead either, so I am assuming that is the issue but was wondering had any ideas?

Also we we had the same issue with T-Rex Restaurant and was wondering if it was the same. I am loathe to ring US direct again as it isn’t cheap.