We went to Magic Mountain 4-5 years ago. It has some amazing roller coasters, but it is not a little kids park, it is a teenagers park. And even on a weekend the lines were not to bad. We even found a place to buy a beer.

Yea, I mean unless things have really changed it is a pretty ethnically diverse place. You see people with 6-8 kids and you wonder how they managed to pay for all of them. I mean it would have freaked me out. But I imagine you save and make it a trip of a lifetime. My parents did that once in the 60’s with us and I imagine even then Disneyland probably felt expensive.


Last time I went to Disneyland was probably 5 or 6 years ago. It cost around $100 for both parks Disneyland and California Adventure…which might as well have been just another land inside of Disneyland. That being said I’ve been there dozens of times.

The best time/least crowded I’ve every seen Disneyland was definitely the Sunday AFTER labor day Monday. No one was there OR: It wasn’t insanely crowded. The longest line I encountered all day was like 45 minutes and it was Splash Mountain during high noon. The park felt pretty empty in the afternoon and at night.


You must be This Rich to watch these commercials.


Are you That Rich, or do they mean A Different Rich?