We went to Magic Mountain 4-5 years ago. It has some amazing roller coasters, but it is not a little kids park, it is a teenagers park. And even on a weekend the lines were not to bad. We even found a place to buy a beer.

Yea, I mean unless things have really changed it is a pretty ethnically diverse place. You see people with 6-8 kids and you wonder how they managed to pay for all of them. I mean it would have freaked me out. But I imagine you save and make it a trip of a lifetime. My parents did that once in the 60’s with us and I imagine even then Disneyland probably felt expensive.

Last time I went to Disneyland was probably 5 or 6 years ago. It cost around $100 for both parks Disneyland and California Adventure…which might as well have been just another land inside of Disneyland. That being said I’ve been there dozens of times.

The best time/least crowded I’ve every seen Disneyland was definitely the Sunday AFTER labor day Monday. No one was there OR: It wasn’t insanely crowded. The longest line I encountered all day was like 45 minutes and it was Splash Mountain during high noon. The park felt pretty empty in the afternoon and at night.

You must be This Rich to watch these commercials.

Are you That Rich, or do they mean A Different Rich?

Whoa - this sounds absolutely bonkers.

This is probably the most accurate statement in the article. Will definitely be a different experience with thousands of other people crowding around you while you enjoy your 4 hour wait for Smuggers Run!

This is not remotely close to what fans will experience when the doors open later this year and yet, it’s already one of the most exhilarating places I’ve ever been.

I don’t doubt for a moment that’s true. I still want to go.

I know, I know, just beaten down from the crowds the past year. It just saps the fun right out of me. I’m sure it’ll be amazing, just will take a couple years before the hype dies down a bit.

I’ve been to Universal several times, never Disney. Now I want to go to Disney. Just for this.

Had a good day at the park today. Still very busy for a mid week cloudy cold day in Feb. Matterhorn line never dropped below an hour for instance. The app and Max fast pass thing are cool but there were at least 3 times when the apps reported wait times didn’t match reality.

Something went horribly wrong for us on splash mountain, we got absolutely drenched from head to toe. Had to take the kids into the bathroom and wring out their clothes.

I find mid week to be busier than weekends these days. I think they’ve priced more people out of the deluxe and into the cheapest pass.

It’s official. The question is will we be dumb and join the sardine can on day one just to say we were there.

Is it technically day one if you have to start lining up a day or two early? We’re staying far away!

I remember back in the day being one of the first people to get into the Indiana Jones ride. It had opened prior to us going that day but for some reason had closed down again. We were going through the park when it re-opened.

Question: Is Disneyworld in Florida as much of a populated mess as Disneyland in LA?

Yes. Another thing that is hard to fathom if you haven’t been is that there are even more fatmobiles than at Disneyland. Dodging them can get pretty old pretty fast.

With that said, anyone who enjoys Disneyland should go to Disneyworld at least once. Its amazing, and if you stay off property and can book airfare on points its not as expensive as you might think. If you are a Costco member they usually have great deals on hotels and ticket packages. We stayed at the B hotel through Costco and it was great, you get all of the on site perks except the airport shuttle. Any “Disney Springs” hotel gets you on site perks at a fraction of the cost of an actual Disney property.

I went about 10 years ago when I still worked at Disney and stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Was pretty amazing but can’t see paying whatever crazy full price they’re charging these days.

We got our Galaxies Edge booking for the day after opening. Going to be a shit show but it’ll be fun to be a part of.

I’d love to hear impressions, I may be going in August and it would probably be useful to know what kind of weaponry will be required.

You’re a brave man, Matt - good luck!

We planned a family trip for the weekend of June 14-16, so we figured hey, why not try to get reservations? I assume it will be less busy than opening day, and less busy than a few weeks later when you no longer need reservations. So hey, maybe it won’t be crowded at all! Or maybe it will be insane. Either way, I’ll report back afterwards!