Disney's CG Lion King


This is a pretty solid cast announcement.


Oh boy, more Seth Rogan. The rest of the cast sounds pretty good though.


Wow, that’s some serious star power. Yeah, I’m there.


Is Beyonce Knowles Carter the same as the singer/dancer Beyonce? I’ve never heard her voice acting before…


She sounded like this:


While the casting is all good, it unfortunately drops the secret joke of the original film’s casting, which was that Simba’s parents were Prince Akeem’s parents from Coming to America.

I don’t remember which hyena is which (other than “the one that was Whoopi Goldberg”), so I can’t comment on those much.

I jus realized recently that Rowan Atkinson was Zazu in the original film. Say what you will about his film work, but anybody who’s seen Black Adder will agree that Atkinson has a keen appreciation for Shakespeare, and surely well understood that he was in a version of Hamlet. I don’t know how much that informed his performance (if at all), but I think it’s notable because John Oliver doesn’t seem to have the same background.

Also, I really want to see the unused takes where Billy Eichner plays Timon as…you know, Billy Eichner.

Ejiofor is a great pick for Scar.


I know all these animated movies now because kids, and this is probably a good idea of what she’ll sound like as a character (her as Queen Tara in Epic):

erm, and this one:


Wow, CG has come a long way. That looks just like James Earl Jones.