Disney's Frozen

Let it go, DrDel, let it go.

I’m not sure what to make of an appraisal of Simba’s “whiteness”.

Voiced by a white guy. I guess that’s good enough.

Oh, if you want to seriously DO THIS THING, we could get lost for hours. But it’s probably not appropriate for this thread.

My 5 year old daughter told me it was the best movie she’s ever seen.

My 7 1/2 year old son groaned every time they started singing, and thought it was too girlish but he liked the snowman’s butt jokes.

I’m pretty sure the kiss at the end was the first time Disney characters have ever asked for consent. And it didn’t even feel forced; it was a natural part of their personalities as established throughout the movie!

Other than that, I found this to be more forgettable than Tangled, but the vocal harmonies were amazing. I’d gladly watch it again on Disney night, even if I won’t be ranking it among the greats.

The animation was pretty amazing, and the storyline had some very welcome surprises. The snowman was very well done. It’s one of my favorite disney movies.

My 16 year old daughter loves everything Disney but she felt there was too much singing in the very beginning. I told her a lot of the cartoon movies become plays these days and it struck me that the entire movie could easily be done on Broadway in the future.

I’ve seen a lot more commercials for this now and they basically don’t tell a thing about it. If I hadn’t seen it I would have no idea what it was (that sure was the case when I saw it). Is it really that hard to describe or are they afraid to talk about it and put off the boys? Doesn’t seem to be hurting its performance at all, though.

Not giving away the entire movie in the trailers is quite an achievement these days.

My wife wanted to see this so we took the kids and everyone loved it. I actually didn’t know it was a Disney film until the animated (and probably too long) opening short. I agree there was too much music/singing in the opening, something I don’t feel Disney did to this level for some time and I didn’t really like it. However, just like when I was a kid, by the half way mark the music pretty much stopped and I could enjoy the film (I did really enjoy the linked Let It Go as well as the snowman’s song, which had me in stitches). Cool (no puns) movie, amazing freaking animation, and great characters.

Though several comments in this thread make me want to re-watch Tangled, which I really remember watching but haven’t seen since viewing it the weekend it first came out.

Kind of bland movie. Not enough brillance. Tangled had a likeable bipolar character. Wreck-it-ralf had courage and sensibility. Brave was a bad movie, but had a message for womens they loved to decypher. I liked that they done this much singing, maybe the movie would have worked for me with only singing (it seems to work for the target public,so disregard this).

Saw it yesterday and loved it. Loved. Olaf was the best thing.

Quite enjoyable with a few more twists than your normal Disney film. I could have used one or two fewer songs. I love the here I stand song and that scene from the movie is on you tube. Bought opening cartoon was brilliant.

Isn’t this thread title an old rumor?

Well done.

I finally managed to see this one. I’m a huge fan of animated movies but this was Disney at its worst. It was almost as if it were created by committee. It was insipid and boring with none of the creative genius that infuses the Pixar classics. Absolutely awful. Avoid, avoid avoid.

I think you’re going to find you are in the minority on that one.

I liked Frozen a lot, but I do think it the generic designed-by-committee feel of the movie is a valid complaint. I didn’t think Tangled’s visuals were particularly inspired, even if they were solid, and the retreading here was quite noticeable.

But it’s not just the animation; the story itself feels a bit tired until the end. It doesn’t help the impression that the movie hides the fact that it’s going to turn a few cliches on their head so it’ll be a surprise.

I disagree completely with his ultimate evaluation of the movie, but there’s nothing much remarkable or unique about this one outside of the last five minutes.

I think the best thing that can be said about this is that it is a competently made Disney movie. It’s a good Disney movie but it’s still a Disney movie primarily made for kids. And what made Pixar great when they first started out was that they weren’t making these kinds of movies. There’s no real sense of loss, the face heel turn was completely predictable (it would have been much more interesting if that didn’t happen and the younger princess had to choose between a prince that she was engaged to only because of naive love at first sight and a commoner that she had come to love over time), and the elder sister’s ability to control her powers and resulting return to society was abrupt and unearned.

I actually like the songs, find the visuals decently impressive and I like that there are two central female characters. But the story really is design by committee and you can tell how eager they are to sell toys of every character. It’s classic Disney at its best but with no ambition of trying for anything more.

About a month ago I watched The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki. There’s no comparison. It is the better animated film by miles and miles, except that it has no songs. Even the visuals are far better than this, with the wolf running scene for example conveying a wonderful sense of freedom and joy without the need to add any magical glittering effects.