Disney's Jungle Cruise - The Rock Continues His Ascent

At this point I’d put The Rock up there with Tom Cruise on my list of movie stars that just plain kill it every time (mostly). Add a little Emily Blunt and I’d say this is a recipe for box office success.

Can Disney repeat the Pirates of the Caribbean success?


Holy crap, they stuck in the “backside of water” joke. There better be a scene of The Rock firing a revolver into the air to scare off a bunch of hippos or I walk.

So how long before this turns into a fun film series run into the ground through relentless sequels? Can it get one great entry that is in no way deserved by he source material like Pirates?

Well that’s almost assured if the first movie is a success. Disney isn’t going to walk away from a franchise on principle, so if this one does well, they will go back again and again until it fails.

And when The Rock backs out they’ll just find someone else. There’s no shortage of B-list action heroes who’ll jump at the chance to be in Jungle Cruise IV. I’m sure Charlie Hunnam will be looking for work!

It’s the nature of Hollywood.

Yeah, sold. I’ll see this opening weekend even.

I like The Rock a lot, but there was a shot there where for a moment I thought Dave Bautista was in it as well and I felt a genuine twinge of excitement.

Basically what I’m saying is that Dave Bautista is to The Rock as The Rock is to Harrison Ford. @tomchick

I want all these jokes in the movie.

Came here for the Rock, stayed for the Blunt.


And I don’t know anything about the source material.

The source material is a Disneyland/Disney World ride just as the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was the “source” for that series.

Opening weekend. No doubt.

Well this looks like swashbuckling fun.

Are the conquistadors from Davey Jones’ locker?

“That’s right, we’ve got this action/comedy jungle boat subgenre totally to ourselves!”


There better be a scene of The Rock pulling leeches off his body or I’m calling shenanigans.

Yeah, I got a definite ‘we wanted to make another Pirates movie, but without the baggage or Johnny Depp’ vibe off that.

Opening weekend, no question.

Emily Blunt and the Rock = Dynamite. If they’ve messed up this movie, I’m going tp be extremely miffed.

I’m pretty sure that trailer just showed the entire movie.