Dist File System Replication and Shadow Copy for Shared Folders

I’m setting up machines to do 2 things:

  1. Using DFS-R, replicate regional office server data back to the mothership, where I back it up.

  2. Using Shadow Copy for Shared Folders, enable local users in the regional offices to recover deleted and overwritten files.

I’ve set the machines up such that there is a 4-drive raid-5 of 250gb drives. This leaves 750ish gig for the users to play in. The quota at the mothership for each regional office is going to be more realistic, like 40-50 gig. The remaining room is for shadow copy and I want to also section off about 150 gig for their laptops to back themselves up into, which I don’t want included in the DFS-R data coming home.

So there’s the scenario. I’m looking for some clarification on how I’m going to want to implement this.

First off, when I enable shadow copy for shared folders, I’m surprised that it’s not enabled ON the shared folder itself, but rather on the volume as a whole - ie, properties of the D: or E: drive. I was hoping it would be more granular. I don’t want it to be shadowing anything other than the DFS-R data, because whatever evils happen in that “user sandbox” of 150 gig, I don’t want it overwriting my shadow copies of important data.

Since it appears to implement shadow copying across the whole volume, I guess my best practice here would be to put that DFS-R folder in a separate partition on the raid? That way I’m only enabling shadow copy for that drive letter. Is there any smoother way to do this without having to carve up partitions into hard limits? I can see that becoming a limitation and inconvenience in the future as our storage capacity and demands expand.

In a similar light, is the DFS staging data best put on a separate volume, or will the shadow copy not be making shadows of the DFS system files? My assumtion is that if any file sees IO on the volume, the SCSFs is going to go to work on it.

There will be 50ish machines involved in this deployment.

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I tried coming up with a recommendation for you, but I just don’t know more than a little bit about the area. Try this usenet group.