Distant Worlds 2: this time, your space spreadsheet has a 3D engine!

This is such a shame. I think that I’ve completely given up on this.

They certainly have a very particular way of doing things - I wish they did EA also, as well as were willing to scale up the team.

I really like the game, but I think the one man approach looks more stubborn and tarnishing a valuable franchise (for now), as opposed to renaissance man level development. I also wish they had better outreach - a dev update on patching priorities every three months is so incredibly threadbare. I don’t need weekly, but at least do monthly!

Which Stardrive, are you playing 1 or 2?

And what mods are you running? If you say it’s great I would give it another try.

Not sure what Janster uses but I have found the Black Box and Combined Arms mods for StarDrive 1 to be very good.

Pretty sure he is talking about that.

Awesome, thanks guys.

Yes, both mods needed, for an amazing experience, just compare the combat of Stardrive to DW 1 or 2, its not even same ballpark. I don’t mind combat of DW 2 though, but rest of the game is very stiff…

Stardrive feels just modern.

I just reinstalled my vanilla Steam Version of StarDrive and get this error message.

EDIT: A post in the Steam discussions reveals that the Steam version does not work with Windows 11.

I am pretty sure i have run it on my w11 system. I will double check this afternoon.

Edit: I should caveat that with it was almost certainly with the mods installed when id did it

I did a fresh install and then installed the mod but no dice. Hopefully it works for you @Fenris99

And now back to our regularly scheduled channel

Never had a problem with my windows 10, but I have no experience with 11 sadly, and will not touch that with an iron poker until it offers something more useful than less compatability.

I would try installing the blackbox mod anyway as it fixes the game a -LOT-

I wonder what the difference is:

I guess I timed it just right to where a ship is blocking the combined arms logo as well.


Differnce is way more tech the combined arms mod, and an ACTUAL working game… yay

Are you launching it from your Steam library?

I think we should mosey over to the StarDrive thread

1.06.02 beta has just dropped on steam with added vulkan and jeez it’s a nice improvement.

i think this might be the last iteration before the new ‘major update’, so if you’re holding off, by all means…

one thought/revelation:

do play with nebulae boundaries on. to not do so, means playing, like me, for some xx hours, without the terrain on and wondering why my colony ship/explorer etc isn’t moving without seeing that it’s run into a ‘cliff’. it also makes strategising more intuitive.

up to you :)

I am still playing my latest game and enjoying it a great deal. Expansion has went very well and now tensions are building with my neighbors. I have a decent handle on my ships and fleets and just trying to push through this next phase of expansion/development before I take to war.

While I have played the original Distant Worlds and all of its expansions going way back, I never really progressed very far and never got to where I really understood the world including the techs and the materials. This is my first play where I am really progressing in my understanding of Distant Worlds and 2 is allowing me to push further than I have before. I am not sure why, but it could be that I just have put enough total time that things are clicking better, or perhaps Distant Worlds 2 has some details with the interface and graphics that keep my attention better. Either way, looking forward to what they come up with in the future as it is likely they will keep building upon it as they have before.

We should also be getting a new development roadmap for the next few months once the current beta is released as a general patch. Really looking forward to the team’s self assessment of where they are and what is prioritized next.

That’s fantastic to hear!

yeah weird glad im not the only one that loved SD1, SD2 was a bit of a letdown. I think ppl who like SD1, might like Imperium Galactica II… I played that alot as well. Its like the Call to Power of sci fi 4x… i also loved CTP 1 and 2.

gonna get those mods for SD1, didint know the game had mods!

also one of the draws for me to SD was the combat… its fun to watch and build ships for it. Its around the same time i was into Gratuitous Space Battles 1, which felt similar.

oh i plan to get DW2 eventually…

Well, SD 1 with mods is a superior game for now. DW 2 got some stuff going for it, but the flaws of DW 1 are still there its a wide game, but skin deep, lots of numbers, but you can’t actually do anything with them.