Distant Worlds 2

They’ve been shooting for this Fall, but I imagine it depends on how well the beta is going.

diary no. 4


I still hvaen’t played the first one… :/

then i’d probably wait for number 2… no. 1 is a bit old in the tooth

I like that DW2 isn’t going the Stellaris route and using warp lanes. However, I think that I remember that in the original DW, you could never intercept an enemy - your guys would chase them down but couldn’t force them to fight.

Trust me – space game wise? This is a serious game. Not like boring ole stellaris.

Dev Diary #5:

Is this coming out this year?

Short answer: no one knows. Or if they do, they’re under an NDA (assuming even the testers would know). ;)

I doubt it. If it is, I’d think we’ll have a release date announcement soon.

That was their goal, but I imagine it will be sometime next year.


release date now Q1 2022


No one can say they didn’t see that coming.

I’ll gladly take a distant release date over none.

True enough, and here’s hoping it’s an ETA that sticks. I’m very much looking forward to this one as I couldn’t get DWU to work (old eyes could not make out UI/Text).

My heart sank as I originally read that as Q4 2022!

I’ll think we’ll see William Shatner actually fly into space before we see this game. Hey, wait a minute…

lol when I see Q1 2022 I really see that as a sci fi date.

Look ill wait for this one to cook.