Distant Worlds 2

Sword of the Stars 2 was possibly the last game I pre-ordered, coincidentally enough. It’s a great example of needing to change things to justify a new game but not actually being able to improve upon the original gameplay.

Hopefully DW2 can improve the production quality and underlying simulation without mucking up what makes the original so good…

Sword of the Stars 2 and Master of Orion 3 are both in that rarified stratosphere of games that not only killed their respective franchises but also managed to succeed in being worse in almost every single measurable way from their predecessors.

We probably shouldn’t usher those cursed names in this thread though since it really feels like tempting fate.

Bah you guys are so superstitious. What’s the worst that could happen?

It will likely be overpriced and buggy on release. Best to wait a while.

Famous last words. ;)

Ok Brian that was a jinx.

New dev diary:


Aaargh. I was hoping for a release date….

Yep, same here. Besides crossing my fingers they made this one with a properly scalable UI/font my other hope is it’s out this year.

Their last dev diary was three weeks ago and they’re talking about art. Doesn’t seem like release date is anytime soon. Seems like 2022 to me?

And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s not out this year and doesn’t fix itself in terms of visibility so I can actually play it (unlike DWU).

I’m trying to set my expectations low so I’m not disappointed. ;)

I could have sworn I read late 2021. But I’m reading this now:


Well, I mean you could be excused for thinking 2021 given the top pinned topic on the steam forum for the game says coming soon and was posted in Jan.

And then of course there was this interview where Slitherine came right out and said DW2 is targeted for Sept/Oct release (and since the interview was this year you’d sort of assume he meant, you know, this year), timestamp btw is 1:03:20:

This was in the first diary, which mentioned how the interface is now fully dynamically scaleable.

Of course the upper limits on that, whether the fonts are scaleable seprately, and whether it’s enough remains to be seen. But I imagine they’re being a lot more careful this time given they’ve acknowledged it as one of the biggest problems in the older games.

They’ve been shooting for this Fall, but I imagine it depends on how well the beta is going.

diary no. 4


I still hvaen’t played the first one… :/

then i’d probably wait for number 2… no. 1 is a bit old in the tooth

I like that DW2 isn’t going the Stellaris route and using warp lanes. However, I think that I remember that in the original DW, you could never intercept an enemy - your guys would chase them down but couldn’t force them to fight.

Trust me – space game wise? This is a serious game. Not like boring ole stellaris.