Distant Worlds

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The promotion/marketing of this game has been absolutely horrible so far. Maybe that’s just the Matrix way?

I dunno they’re pretty on it about other games.

It’s quite a feat. I rate Distant Worlds as my favorite space 4X of all time and their marketing makes me want to not watch their videos or buy the game.

Worse, it makes me think development is troubled. I can’t think of too many other reasons they would be so cagey about showing progress.

Yessssss. Ackdarians are one of my favourite DW1 races.

Was that what their teaser trailer was for or is there more coming today? It’s the 26th, but I thought the teaser said there would be a gameplay reveal which is why I’m asking.

@KevinC There is a Twitch stream some time today but I can’t find a time for it.

Edit - Noon EST

Oh, good, I was very annoyed when I thought the “reveal trailer” was just a short CGI trailer.

Live stream running here.

This video is making me so hot.

I watched a bit of it but here I’m at work so I’m going to watch tonight. What I did see was really, really cool. Is it over yet? Do we have a release date/window at all?

Just pulled up the stream. For some reason it defaulted to 144p. Not 1440p, 144p. I was thinking “Wow, I’m not expecting eye candy or anything but this all looks really low resolution”. Hah!

Isn’t this a marketing thingy? They posted a trailer with no actual gameplay. You guys talk about it an lose a little confidence in DW2. Then BAM, great gameplay and nice graphics. You all are gonna love this! I will buy DW2 on day one.

Dunno. What I do know is I’m too blind to deal with that UI and font size. I was hoping the sequel would fix this after the first game. Maybe it will be scalable.

That was a wonderful stream and I am in LOVE with the UI. Cannot WAIT for more.

Video removed by uploader. WTH?