District 9

Hype +1000 after seeing that new trailer.

Has anyone seen any teaser trailers for a movie coming out about a guy alone on a moon station, and he goes out on to the surface of the moon for some reason and discovers his own body laying out there? I didn’t want to make a new thread to ask something like this so I figured I’d ask in another sci-fi movie thread.

Yes it’s called MOON.

Nice, thanks a lot!

That new trailer looks bad ass.

Whoa. Whoa. It’s like if they made a Halo movie, and a Half-Life movie, except they just made it awesome instead of junking it up with Halo and Half-Life.

New trailer definitely looks cool, but a lot more action-y than I was expecting. Don’t really know exactly what I was expecting though.

The new trailer might be a bit too action-y for me, it seems to have be at the expense of the subtle tone given off by the first trailer and short film.

A thread actually exists about it.

Warning: after a page or two it starts to get spoilery.

lol well the director was supposed to do Halo at some point so… it’s definitely a lot more action-y than previously thought (the original trailer almost made it seem like a fake docu, this is far different).

— Alan

@Alan Dunkin Yup, the director’s short films showing what he wanted a Halo movie to look like were actually really cool.


I’m sure they’ve probably been on here a million times before but in case anyone had missed it.

The new trailer is really jumpy and shows too much I think. :\

Mr Blomkamp just can’t win with you, can he?

There’s some cool Disneyworld-immersion-like (is there a term for that?) stuff here:


Holy crap…just watched the new trailer after seeing a cool one last night before the UFC match. The one last night had a sort of government presented, friendly PSA feel. How did I miss that this is what Peter Jackson was working on!!!

Must see for me.

Somehow I hadn’t even heard of this movie. It’s definitely on my radar now after that trailer.

From what I understand, it is a pseudo-documentary until, or perhaps a little after, the journalist gets infected with that alien stuff.

But from the teaser, I get the feeling he might record himself longer, or later in the movie, because he sounds much more serious and sober than (his goofy self) in the full trailer when he says, “I just want everyone watching this right now to learn from what has happened.”

Did that alien-robot-mech catch a rocket in midair? Nice!

Just saw the new expanded trailer and website for this last night after seeing the faux public service commercial on Discovery (during Deadliest Catch). This looks great, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m hoping that it sticks to the “actiony conspiracy thriller” vibe it gives off in the trailer and doesn’t just devolve into another band-of-heroes-against-the-aliens CGI porn-fest video game knockoff.

From the early teaser I was given a “Children of Men with aliens” vibe, but the new stuff definitely seems more actiontasticky. I still want to see it, but my enthusiasm has been tempered somewhat.