District B-13

This is a fun mindless movie from Luc Besson. Escape-from-New-York-ish with some marginal topical relevance to French social issues, but essentially just an action movie.

On the positive side, unlike most recent Hollywood attempts at showing people fighting, the camera actually stays in a cut at wide angle for at least 2 seconds most of the time, with the remarkable consequence that you can see what is going on. Sure, sure, they cut out frames from various sequences to make them look faster on the screen, but there’s a lot of nifty sequences a la Jackie Chan, albeit with much less humor (though there is some, both intentional and unintentional.) The leads are obviously good athletes of the quirky acrobatic variety. Lots of leaping and tumbling, though they seem to prefer breaking falls with somersaults instead of shoulder rolls, but, hey, it works for them…

On the minus side, the plot makes no sense whatsoever, and despite this the twist is obvious a long way off, but what the heck, no one seeing this movie expects it to make sense. The pacing is fast and hectic and fun, but is not managed very well, so there are odd lulls, and some of the fastest and most exciting action does not occur anywhere near the climax of the story, such as it is. Acting? Ha. As we say in France, “it is to laugh.”

Anyhow, best action movie I’ve seen for some time, despite its many issues.

This movie is great.

Lots of parkeur in it… (Urban Gymnastics or whatever they call it).

one of the leads, David Belle, is the founder of Parkour.

i think the other fellow must be a practioner too, given his skills…

Saw this tonight, really liked it. Reminded me of the days when a movie could be a simple story that lasted 90 minutes, had a few great action setpieces, and sent you on your way. Good old-fashioned entertainment with really modern combat.

Man, I wish this was in a theater anywhere near me.

In Austin, it’s only playing at the Alamo Drafthouse South.

I’m sad that my thread about this very film didn’t get any responses despite including the film’s french name. You people are philistines.

I dont think I was on the forum when you posted your thread, saw the movie last year or something… (long time ago at least).


Yea, thats… like… just ages ago man.