Divine Divinity

I just got my gogamer.com mailer. In it, there is a great deal on Divine Divinity ($15). If you have not yet played this game, I HIGHLY recommend it. The interface is crap, but the game is incredible, IMO. I would say that it is better than Diablo 2 in many ways. It IS still an action RPG though, so if you don’t like those, steer clear. But it has more story than most and is open-ended. It’s almost like a 2D (and much more light and cheezy) version of Morrowind. You can wander where you want, if you don’t die trying. And there are TONS of quests and such.

This isn’t a huge production game, and it shows in many ways. But it is a quality game that remembers that gameplay is the thing. I have poured MANY hours (I don’t know how many…I don’t keep up with that…but at least 40, and I am not finished) into this one. Get it. You will like it.

Agreed. I like its ultima7isness.

There is no reason NOT to get it for 15$, it is quite a lot of game for that price if you can get past the few issues (funky interface, the bad intro movie)

Also worst developer intro movie ever, wolves DO NOT look or move ANYTHING like that.

That said, fantastic game. It is as good as the name is bad.

Agree with all. My 2nd favorite game of 2002 (after Jedi Knight II) and I preferred it to several other CRPG’s of that year, including Icewind Dale 2, Neverwinter Nights, and Morrowind.

If there’s any justice in this world, the sequel will be named Divine Divinity II: The Divination.

wumpus really wanted a game a little closer, at least in name, to his favorite game of all time. Divine Divinity: Revolution.

Got to agree with you all. DD is an excellent RPG, one of the best I’ve played in years.

wumpus really wanted a game a little closer, at least in name, to his favorite game of all time. Divine Divinity: Revolution.[/quote]

Oh boo! You see? That’s why we can’t have nice things. ‘Divine Divinity: Revolution’ :roll: :roll: :roll: Boooooo.

Also, I will henceforth refer to Cookiepants as The Divinator.

Yes! I am the divinationist!

They can call it Divine Divinivinivinity for all I care! I just want another game!

I have a spoiler question.

I have the three holy items, and even the silver breastplate. I have the book from the cursed abbey. But it says go to the crypt north of the old church. The only crypt I can find is the main crypt wih the old duke’s spirit in it. But when I go there, nothing happens. It talks about a ceremony, but I can’t get any ceremony to work. I put the items in the bowls and in the center and on the edges.

Am I missing something? Am I in the wrong crypt?


[color=red]*[email protected]!!!1122[/color]

Go to the northeast corner of the cathedral, and there will be a staircase hidden in a copse of trees. Go down there, but DO NOT touch the graves there,or else you will not be able to sacrifice the artifacts. Save first, then standin the blue circle, and sacrifice two of the artifacts to get whichever is yourpreference. The stats on the artifacts are randomized, so you may want to loada couple times to get the best that you can. The breast plate has nothing to do with the holy items quest, just the sword, the dagger and the amulet.

Thanks! Damned book said that the breastplate was one too…and it has that vague hint going on.