Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


Likely just before the console launch, but I don’t really know.


To whom does one pray to make the camera tiltable in D:OS 3, or whatever their next game is.


Awesome. Can’t wait.


Pray to Larianitis


I hope the new journal comes with improved quest tracking logic, I have quite a few in my journal that remain open even though I’ve done everything related to the quest.


I had stopped playing this at the 2 hour mark right after buying this and thought about returning it. In the meantime I bought Pillars of Eternity 2 because I enjoyed the first so much and 2 sounds even better (thanks @Scott_Lufkin !)

While I did enjoy the first little bit I played, I keep thinking about how much Larian used the environmental effects in the first one and it really bugged me. It just felt so gimmicky to me. I’m thinking my opinion of DOS 2 is going to go down once they start using the environmental damage stuff in full force.

I do like the action point system, the writing seemed better in 2 from the little I saw - it seemed a more serious while still having some humor. The game is beautiful. It looked like there was a nice skill system.

So after waffling like I usually do, I returned it today. I had spent too much money so far this year and I knew I’d want PoE2. Sometimes I’m pretty stupid about these things. I kinda miss Divinity Original Sin 2 now that I don’t have it :-)

I just wish they didn’t make my least favorite mechanic (the environmental damage stuff) such a large part of the game. Some day I will play you DOS 2, some day :-)


Yeah, that was a big mistake. This is one of finest rpgs ever, and an outstanding game. Even if you don’t find the last chapter as good as the previous you have 60 hours of immense fun, exploration and party building in it till then.


I didn’t like the last chapter as much, but there are still one or two builds I want to try, and Larian were evil and didn’t make it possible to see all the character arcs in one playthrough so I’ll be doing another run eventually. If I can ever find the time.

I’m trying, dwarf whose story I want to see but whose name I can’t remember; I’m trying to make time. Maybe if everyone quits putting out games for a while.


I thought the mechanics in D:OS2 were a great improvement over D:OS with a few exceptions.
The big failure was the armor system. Having a party of mixed damage types is very inefficient because of it. Also having a melee guy with a sword that has added magical damage, that extra damage is a waste.

There is also another big imbalance in the game design. Physical / Melee is MUCH stronger than magic damage. Warrior skills are based on weapon damage, where as mage skills are just purely level based. Your melee damage will scale up much better compare to a mage.

To make matters worse, just about everyone has some kind of magic resistance. Even if an NPC has only 20% fire resistance, that is a flat out 20% less damage you will do the them. Physical damage doesn’t have such a reduction with the exception of a very few special encounters with highly physically resistant mobs.

Right now I have a vampiric lone-wolf warrior who’s normal, base attack damage is like 2500 pts. He also has about a 50% crit rating and currently 185% more crit damage. Its absurd. No mage build will ever touch that.


I don’t know why this isn’t the default standard for any party based RPG with focus on inventories.


Dungeon Siege had this back in 2002. I recently re-installed it and it’s surprising how far ahead of its time it was. The graphics engine and streaming level system still holds up today.



I have some fond memories of Dungeon Siege. Does it run in Win10?


Maybe they will address those imbalances if they come out with an Enhanced Edition (or whatever they called the first one). So, maybe it is good that I am waiting.


To avoid derailing this thread I linked the info here:


Anyone know how to see the resistances of your enemies? I remember this being in the first game somewhere but can’t make it happen here…

Having left the Lady Vengeance I’m having my face kicked in by everyone I meet.


I think there is a skill linked with it? Lore or something?

Edit: Loremaster lets you examine enemies and see info.



Aha. Ta.


Then you right click on the monsters to examine them.


Like the heroes of old!


Hopefully just a few more things to do in Reaper’s Bluffs or whatever the area is called. 80 hours in :/