Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!

Ifan here because I normally go with a rogue-type character in RPGs. I was tempted to go with the Red Prince, especially after having him in my party.

I wonder what difference it makes which one you pick if you have the others in your party?

If you pick Fane, you get a LOT of backstory - more than I´ve seen with Sebille for instance, on the big picture. Sebille and a few of the others are of a more personal nature.

At least, thats what I¨ve seen from the first 3 chapters.

I went with Sebille. I plan to take Fane as a companion. I’d l like to take whatserface also, the human, but as a conjurer. How much customization do you get for the origin characters that aren’t your main?

You can do whatever you want with them.

There’s a chance to respec everyone later on so you can switch it up later. There’s an option to turn on respec anytime also.

I will note that this is one of the few games where two handed weapons are awesome.

Thinking about picking this up to play co-op for a friend (and gifting a copy to him for his birthday this month, since he got laid off last week).

how is this co-op? I figure we’ll be pretty dedicated during the shelter-in-place.

Was thinking it would be just the 2 of us, but we may want to pull his brother in - I noticed there’s a 4-player co-op mod - is that necessary for more than 2 players? If not, is it worth it?

Thanks, and forgive me for not reading the 1200+ posts if this was already covered.

Co-op is fine but be prepared to play this casually, so to say. You’ll probably miss some content your comrades will encounter and you’ll probably not spend a lot of time optimizing equipment and the like because you wouldn’t want your friends to wait. So I recommend playing on easy/normal, not higher difficulty.

I am playing it co-op with a friend on xbox. I think that everything works really well co-op. It’s kind of fun to have someone to talk about loot as you pick it up and talk through strategy in fights.

I bounced off this game a while back solo because I found it very fiddly to control and manage the party by myself. But I recently started playing with my brother and a friend and it has been pretty good. I’m missing some of the of story bits, but I’m liking the gameplay more when I only have to control one guy. It’s also fun strategizing as a group during combat, or scrambling to recover when one of us does something unexpected and triggers a dangerous situation.

Did you need the mod to play 3-player? If not, did you try it?

We started with 4 people but one dropped out. It doesn’t seem possible to remove his character, so we’re just lugging him around mostly just when we need him with us to advance to new areas. I wasn’t aware of a mod. It might be worth looking into.

I’ve heard it works pretty well technically speaking. We’re doing a group play through now on a different forum and there is one person who is playing three-way co-op with family members.

The hard part, I’d think, is the human part. Keeping a group together, interested, and organized for that long is a real challenge.

How long is a play through? 10-20 hrs, 20-30? etc. Esp MP, if there’s a significant difference.

I figure with the shelter in place, we can probably get 4-8 hrs/week in.

Um, it took me 160 hours to finish DoS:2 single player.


How long to beat has the average for the main story at 52 hours, but I can’t imagine cutting such a straight and narrow path. I bet I’ll be closer to 100-120 hours by the time I’m done.

I don’t know if it would be faster/slower via co-op. I’d guess about the same.

I only played through the game once and it took me 174 hours according to steam, so yeah, its a pretty long game. 52 Hours seems VERY efficient. Reckon you really need to know the classes & skills for that to play the game optimally and to not need to take on every quest to level up higher.

Steam says I’ve played 115 hours and I never even made it to Arx. I think Fort Joy alone took me 20 hours.

Humm. I might need to adjust my own estimates up some. I’m Level 7 now, on the island outside of Fort Joy. I’ll be at 20+ hours before I get off the island, I’d think.

I’m playing this for the first time right now and have come to the realization that save scumming is more than just encouraged, but an integral part of the gameplay. Half the battles you have to die a couple times to learn exactly what the enemy will do, and where to position each character to have a chance. I’m guessing half the reported length will be based on that.

The loads are fast (at least with my drive) and quicksave works perfect, so it’s a doable feature in single player. No idea how that would work in multi-player though.

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