Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


Perhaps there is a chance for some role playing? We must destroy the evil minded group who instructed the guards to kill stray cats.


Iirc, in the undead livestream, they mentioned there will be a nice surprise for keeping the cat alive.



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Samsung wants you to play D:OS2.

Don’t fight Samsung.


For the people who played the beta, did you just make 1 character per and then you met other companions? Did these companions have special dialog and interactions with each other? Did they have companion quests?



Yeah, that didn’t help to lessen the hype. Dear lord!


All backgrounds matter, no matter if its your own created character, or those special people you meet. Their backstories matter no matter if you meet them during your travels, or start out as them.


It’s pretty enlightening to look back at Swen Vincke’s blog post from just before the first game’s launch in 2014:


We decided on doing another preview tour this late in development (which really is the most inopportune of times) because it became clear that there are still a lot of journalists out there who think of Divinity:Original Sin as a Diablo clone or a Diablo clone with tactical combat. This despite all the videos, walkthroughs, early access content and previews being out there. Better make that, despite the truckload of videos, walkthroughs, early access content and previews out there.

It makes me despair some times and tbh a bit worried too.

The problem seems to be that the game has a top-down perspective and turn-based combat in its first 5 mins of gameplay. This apparently is sufficient to classify the game as just-another-generic-fantasy-rpg-clone not worth spending time on.

Honestly, I didn’t believe it when somebody first told me about this line of reasoning, but by now I do because I’ve heard it repeated so many times.

Because there are so many games coming out, an hour is pretty much the maximum you can hope for when sending out preview code. And apparently that’s already a lot.

I asked one of the reporters who was very vocal about how happy he was that I showed him Divinity:Original Sin’s depth what we were doing wrong. Given his excitement it was clear to me that he was part of our target audience and I was really curious how we managed to miss somebody who was clearly informing himself on what games are coming out (it’s his job after all).

He replied that he wouldn’t have tried half the stuff I showed him because he would’ve assumed that we didn’t support it and instead jump to the conclusion that the game was broken. For him, the kind of presentation I gave him was exactly what was needed in his eyes.

It reminded me strongly of something another journalist had told me. During a demo, I think at the German magazine Gamestar, I was told that we’d probably have to re-educate players because they’re not used to this type of gameplay anymore, conditioned as they seem to be by all the streamlining games go through nowadays.

I thought of this again when I watched this youtuber the other day. I cringed when I saw how he missed out on a couple of key features. I also cringed when I saw how he ended his video, which while typical, is also the reason why so much potential innovation has been stiffled by the gatekeepers at the ruling class of old, i.e. the majority of publishers.

I wonder if that’s all still true? We’ve had kind of a resurgence of isometric RPG goodness in the past few years.


What I am trying to understand, is if I make my own 4 player party, will I be missing out on anything? Kind of like how you would be missing out if you had made your own party in Dragon Age Origin and never had any interaction or quest related stuff with all the companion NPCs in the world.


Yes - you would miss out on the origin stories that are a part of the world. As in - If you don’t have the Red Prince in your party, large parts of his story won’t be available to you.


Ok. Then Ill play a single character and not make a party. I guess Ill pick the undead dude with his origin story to start with.


From my experience, each character also has some character-specific responses during conversations - Whether they change anything other than a bit of atmosphere, I really don’t know.


I ran into one that was very, very different in the first half hour of the game. It opened up a little side quest thing, though I didn’t do it as I was only putzing around. I wasn’t even talking to hardly anyone, so either I got really lucky and talked to the only guy on the island that cares who I had in my party, or it’s pretty prevalent.

I suspect it’s the latter, actually.

Specifics (spoiler tag) for those that want a small example.

Ifan, the human origin character that can summon a wolf, was with me when I went to speak to a guard. There was a moment where he asked me for a private word with the guard, which I granted. They spoke briefly, the guard got very scared and handed a note over to Ifan, who then came back to me and gave me the note. It spoke of a secret passphrase with a specific merchant that would yield up a weapon for Ifan’s cause or some such, I was only skimming as again, I wasn’t really playing for real. After, a ! appeared over his head and I was able to ask about that, and based on my answers (and the fact I let him have his private moment) his attitude towards me improved by several points. Not sure if that has any mechanic tied to it, but it was a cool touch.



Well, that’s not cool. :(


Well, city-wide powerouts are hard to calculate in. Lets hope they get things up and running not too late! If its more than 3 hours, its going to be my bedtime, so you guys are lucky -. it will still be day for you :-)


I think it’s up. (Restarted Steam – 16 GB update).


Seems you are correct!

Folks are streaming it now.