Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


Well, I’d say yes & no.

I play on the normal setting - which I think is the one just up from easy.

You really have every opportunity (in most cases) to back away from a confrontation as you can mouse over them & see their levels and their strengths. I fight way less than what I see because I just choose a different path. My frustration is that this game is a time-warp enough as it is, and this just adds even more hours. OTOH, I am opening up parts of the map, so it’s not all wasted.

In some cases you don’t have a choice or you are misled - for example, close to driftwood in the 2nd Act, there is a lizard who is about to be hung. I mouse over, the executioner she’s a level 9 (my party is 9) and it’s only her & one other. I engage her and two level 12’s pop out of nowhere. I was pissed off and just save-scummed (I found out later with high enough persuasion you can convince her to just leave and avoid the fight altogether).

+1 level can go either way depending upon their skills and if you can get set up properly for the fight - preferably I get my archer on high ground and my two melee’s separated from each other and I can typically handle it - but if they have some stupid magic like diseased that doesn’t allow me to heal, then it can get dicey.

Overall even though I have my complaints, I’m still playing the heck out of it.


Plus you can also flee from battle, rather than die and reload.


I’ve got 144 hours into this game and just restarted again because I want to perfect my party further. GOTY for me without a doubt.


Hah! thats what I am about to do as well.

Can I ask what you want your party setup to be? I actually like mine right now, but feel Fane as a two-handed warrior is too fragile because spells like Restore and First Aid messes him up massively, and there is no easy way to heal him. Mostly because of all the fire constantly.


My main is Beast as a battle cleric/main tank, primarily warfare & hydrosophist. Sebille is a death knight wielding a 2H. Ifan ranger, and the Red Prince as an elemental wizard.

My previous party was by no means bad, but I had 2 mages and no real tank. This is working out a lot better so far (level 6).


I have -

A mostly pure 2h warrior - TRP
Cleric 1h w/shield, war, hydro, necro - Lohse
Ranged hunter with some scoundrel - Sebille
Elemental wizard - Pyro, electric, and geomancy in that order - Fane

Fane can heal himself OK with poison spells and wands. With 12+ Pyro and an int over 40 he can two shot some stuff.

I finally ditched glass cannon on my hunter. All the mobs knew she had it and would often take her out for a whole battle.


I’d really recommend Fane as protagonist. Give him Pet Pal and Persuasion and you probably get access to most of the content because he can transform into other races to unlock some quests. This goes double for dual Lone Wolf runs.


Think I’m bringing chapter 2 to a close, least I think I am, it’s hard to tell sometimes.

So while I’ve enjoyed this one, it’s starting to wear me out a bit in the same way the first one did where I’ve run across so much stuff, so many quests, so much crap in my inventory, keeping track of it all just becomes more work than I frankly feel like bothering with (especially keeping track of quests, since they often stretch out all over the place and force me to circle back, sometimes repeatedly).

I’m sure I’ll press on, but for the moment at least, taking a break for some Warhammer 2, where the goal is clear, go destroy the other guys army, haha


I had a bit of a problem with this as well, until I came to the realization that other than skill books and healing potions I didn’t really care about crafting anything so I vendored almost all the inventory. Frankly, I had enough money at the end I could have just vendored everything and if I wanted a combo skill book I could just buy the parts. I also blazed through the final act, definitely skipping some quests and just stumbling along into answers rather than trying to figure it all out.

I did enjoy it though, I just figure I’ll save getting deep into the act 4 quests for my next playthrough when I can breeze through the early parts of the game.


I just move all crafting stuff to the ship. Figure that if I craft anything I will do so there. Makes the inventory much easier to handle.


I have not fought Lohar, but it seems that any boss enemy and sometimes mini-boss enemies do this all the time. I have been pumping wits for my characters, but it rarely seems to matter.

I am suck of the main boss getting like 5 moves, then one character doing maybe something, and then all the enemies go again, and then you can act. This is just like you said and its stupid and unfair. I wish I understood the initiative mechanic. The lowest wits character I have is like 22, yet it seems not matter at all. Am I wasting points? Id love to know.


Here is a tip for making money. I did this with the dwarf in the arena in driftwood. Basically I gave him a bunch of low level stuff (traded for free) to get his faction to 100, with my bartering guy. I think I got to a 54% discount (with a belt of bartering). The prices were do good, I ended up leaving drift wood with like 120k in the bank and all my gear upgraded.

I have not found a good merchant in the next area yet. I do not know if there is one to find. Just a few with very limited selections.


Initiative (wits) determines the order of action for all characters, but it alternates turns between allies/enemies. So you’ll never get all your guys moving before theirs.

So yeah, pumping all characters with wits is wasting points. You only need one to be highest, so they go before the first enemy.


The hell it does. It does NOT alternate between enemies and allies. If it did, I would be OK with that. Instead its enemy -> enemy -> enemy -> etc…


Does it depend on the number of enemies? If there are more enemies, obviously they’ll get a few goes in a row.


Let me give you an example from memory, so I might be off a bit. I have my party of 4, and I am in that vault where Fane has his quest, you know the eternal you have a conversation with. So I am talking to JUST her. and of course a fight breaks out. She runs in, does some massive AoE twice. Summons 2 dogs (maybe 3). Then all the dogs go and attack. Then SHE GOES AGAIN and finally one of my characters gets an action. This kind of shit is very typical for bosses. There were at MOST an equal number of enemies to allies.

I think only on the most mundane encounters does stuff like this NOT happen.


Okay so are bosses playing by different rules that ignores the initiative system? What abilities are they using? Are you sure they’re not hitting you with stuff that’s skipping your turns? Eg, AOE one shreds magic, AOE two stuns? Maybe get a screengrab of combat order when the battle starts, and check the combat log.

I’m nowhere near as progressed as you, but the initiative/wits system works as described in all encounters I’ve seen so far. Kniles the Flenser for example:

Lohse and Fane have 15 initiative, Red Prince and Beast have 10. All enemies have at least 12 (12 wits), and you can clearly see it alternates ally/enemy based on the initiatives within each group.



Once combat starts going things seem ok. Its just that first round, the alpha strike.


Well regardless of what’s going on there, only one character needs a high wit stat. :)

(for initiative, ignoring that wit also gives crit chance)


I think I have a lot of character points coming back to me then. Ill dump all my guys wits back down to 10 except for one character.