Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


This was cool. Apparently I still recall parts of the old Divine Divinity music though most of #3 was unfamiliar to my memory.


I can’t switch to a different character if I’ve already selected things to trade, though. So I usually end up with a few items I’ve selected to trade and then see some armor or weapon that I think would be good for one of my other characters, but I can’t check to make sure until I either cancel the trade or complete it.


This is my biggest annoyance. Inventory should be party-wide when in the trade window (but only nearby party members of course). Or allow swapping tabs and dragging equipment between party members while in this context.

But in the grand scheme, it’s pretty minor. The game is quite superb.


Yes I agree that’s a limitation, but it’s pretty specific (have already loaded up trade window) and it’s just easier to finish the sale by trading for gold and then comparing when you don’t have things to sell. Or do the compares early on before you sell - writing down things you want, then selecting your barter character & let them complete it.

Personally, I’ve resorted to making each of my guys into specific types of packs.

So for example, my guy with high bartering gets everything to sell. Anytime I’m done with something, it goes to him, so I’m not fidgeting wondering what to sell.

Then another person is my crafter - they get all empty potion bottles, and ingredients that I’m on the hunt for.

Another is my books / keys / things I’m not sure I want to get rid of because maybe I don’t know what the heck it does or if I should sell it and I’ll check those later.

I had one set aside for food / drink as well, but honestly I just never find a good purpose for food, so for now he’s just a good partition for keeping my bartering guy only having things I want to sell.


That’s what I do too. And of course the person with highest luck always opens the chests. Luckily you can drag equipment from chest UI to portraits so I’m often pre-sorting stuff that way.


Does anyone understand the dual wielding mechanics? As in, what does duel wielding actually do?


I’m better at games than you? Git gud brah! I kiiiiid, I kiiiiiiid.

Actually, I had to restart once having already put a massive amount of time in so I “skipped” (but not really) many quests I already did in Act 1 and part of Act 2. If you total both my playthroughs its more like 70hrs but I only counted my most recent one. Though I’m guessing if you were some spazz you could get through Act 2 easily in 40 hours skipping everything except the main quest.


I do love this game, but it seems to have some wild difficulty spikes. My party is level 13, and it can’t seem to take on and win even-level fights. Especially as so many of the fights are of the “kill one group, another wave spawns” type. My guys get hit for 300, I hit for…41. My gear is generally level 12 or 13, too.


I spent an hour and a half last night trying desperately to survive as level 11s in wreckers cave and almost managed to pull it off. That one totally caught me off guard. And yes, I definitely need to level up some more, just about to hit 12.

Starting to feel like I’m definitely not doing enough damage while I’m starting to run into some stuff that’s really putting the hurt on me…

Update: went back in to try it again tonight, really well done little piece of work this cave, it basically turns into one huge running battle, took me about an hour and a half to win, it was glorious


Something is wrong there. Did you spread ability points out too thinly? Generally, you shouldn’t be putting your points into more than one or two specialties per character.


Somewhere around level 12 or 13 was where the game started to feel easy on classic mode so I think you should be feeling strong about now, not weak. I’d definitely say something is up with party composition or attribute dispersal.

It was actually a bit of a downer as I got into act 3 and just sailed through, even when I accidentally aggroed a dozen things at once, there wasn’t a tough fight the entire act. Up until late Act 2 I thought they were doing a fantastic job of toeing the line of being just difficult enough.

Not far into Act 4 yet, but I did get stomped in one fight which was a nice sign, although it was one where I expected to get stomped based on the story setup for it. Still, it’s nice to have something to work towards rather than just facerolling the content like Act 3.


Yeah that’s crazy low. Even with just points in your primary skill you should easily top that. My enchanter wasn’t heavy into Intelligence by any means and she was doing damage on par with what we fought easily.


When your character goes “mad,” they may attack your party, or the enemies… or they may just stand there and consume all of your consumables. I actually won a very difficult combat but I decided to reload because one character who was mad just stood there and consumed a dozen or so potions. Fuck that.


Oh, I’m sure I did something wrong. My “main” is Ifan, and I split him between Strength and Finesse, but I think the result is not enough in either; he uses a two-handed weapon and a bow, but yeah I think he’s too spread out maybe. The others are not quite as hybridized, but none of them are “pure” archetypes at this point.

I could respec, but I’ve already invested a lot in all those skills that rely on the spread out points. Ah well. I will fiddle around but might be time to restart…again.


Maybe your character had a malus status and you weren’t noticing?


Tell me about it. I do love the game, but there are things that will just wipe the floor with you that come out of no where and I do get a bit tired of it.

The most recent example is some lady who is flying around on a flaming cross. I had walked by her before with no aggro, but this time she attacks and on the very first round, before I can get any actions, she kills everybody. One of my guys had a res statue on him, so he came back at full health, and still in the same round, kills him a 2nd time.

What a fun encounter.

Then there was some kind of mutant wolf guy who summons a bunch of wolves, runs a fair distance, does an aoe attack, and then attacks characters 3 more times on the starting round.

I really do not like how monsters do not play by the same rules. Like casting shackles of pain on targets with armor, or even worse the guys who charm characters who have plenty of magic armor.


I’ve noticed this too. I wonder if it’s a matter of language, though. Do spells like shackles or charm actually get blocked by armor, or does armor give you a chance to resist the spells? It’s unclear to me, but if the latter, that would explain some of this.

The initiative system though is probably at the root of combat frustration for me. There are times when all you can do is sit there and watch a seemingly endless parade of enemies whack on you without being able to do anything. And when they get to go first, sometimes it’s all over before your first character gets to move.

That, and the combats where you start off with, say, four enemies, but as you kill them, four more spawn. And then four more! Or, they die, but they don’t; they just respawn, only stronger! Stuff like that. Oh, and some of the (otherwise very nicely done) interactions with NPCs that generate skill checks will, if you fail the check or checks, devolve into a no-win combat situation requiring a reload. And as some of these encounters are unavoidable, do either to scripting or pathing of your characters, it’s kind of frustrating.

Nevertheless, the game is wicked good.


I am not sure if armor just gives a chance to resist or just outright resists. I suppose I could start spamming shackles of pain or charm on monsters and seeing if I can ever get it to stick when it shouldn’t.

I have also been stacking wits on my characters, but so far it seems not help very much. The enemies still seem to go first most often.


It outright resists until it’s gone.


Then that answers that. NPCs cheat and do not play by the same rules.