Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


you couldn’t resurrect the cat?


I don’t know, I never tried. It didn’t occur to me to use a scroll on an animal. I thought they were for humanoid companions.


Well you can talk to the animals, with the right talent, so you never know! But I don’t think you can resurrect the cat. Which is a shame, because getting it out of the fort gives you a couple extra handy skills.

Basically the cat turns into a summon skill on whoever it was following around. If summoned it gets a turn in battle like other party members. It can leap to a distant location, and ‘swap places’ with it’s master.


Yea, my main character talks to animals. They’re a snooty bunch.


This game is cool, but man, the quests are wonky. I’m on Bloodmoon Island, a tad overleveled, and some of the quests are quirky as hell. Even with internet aids I find that stuff happens that is completely at odds with what the spoilers/hints online say should happen. And I’m only using these hints because otherwise it’s too brain-frying to figure out Larian’s logic.

Maybe I’ll just ditch the non-essential crap and go on, coming back in another play through.


Yeah, easily the worst part about the game is the bullshit quests and puzzles that require reading the developers minds. The first DoS was even worse.


I can’t believe there’s a 4th act. 130 hours so far.


How many acts are there? I am still on act 2 on account of my restarts. I finally have a party that I am going to stick with because it is working out so well. I have 2 summoner / archers and 2 2h melee dudes. They are the wrecking crew. I look forward to doing some of the tough battles I did before, hoping they will be easy now.

Money is still a big problem. You can blow through it so fast on upgrading items.


So I just tried to start this. I say tried b/c at the very beginning, I don’t see how to pick a pre-made character. The only option that I see is to customize a character, but I’ve read the pre-made characters have built-in origins that make them more interesting. I want to select a pre-made character but I haven’t seen any option to do so. This may just be an interface issue, or I may be missing something very basic, but how do I choose something other than the custom character? I don’t see anything that looks like an option to choose one of the pre-mades.


Keep cycling through the custom presets the origin characters are at the end.


Only the origins are premade, you can still customize their kits.


Thanks, found it. Decided to start out as The Beast.


All my praise from act 1 is going to crap in Act 2. Wondering in 8 directions trying to find a suitable path where I’m not under leveled. So I guess the only thing to do is try to level in Driftwood…

The good news is that instead of waiting till the end, you can clear out all the magisters right from the get-go - or at least I hope I’m not closing off too many quest lines in Driftwood LOL. I think it’s funny because there are two characters that are distraught over some missing magisters. Some guy named Bigby or something. If and when I find this Bigby I don’t think there will be any magisters left to report it to.


Major patch just dropped on Steam, sounds like.


Yes, and it broke the Escape key. Now pressing Esc to close a container also brings up the game menu. Rebinding the game menu key to something else means Esc won’t close other UI elements, like the Character screen.

They also nerfed my awesome Bone Widow. sigh


Oh crap.


Yeah, its a bit that whenever a strategy, or a spell seems really good, it gets nerfed. I also see they scaled BACK xp in Reapers Coast? I meant… WHAT?! Its difficult enough to get enough xp to actually go anywhere, but now we get even less? I love the game, but for every awesome part of it, there is a seemingly insane part as well.

Okay, I have what…5 restarts and 120 hours in the game so far, so perhaps I shouldn’t complain too much, but the game feels like a slog to play at times, in that its extremely difficult to get anywhere, or to know where the heck to go in act two, without getting beaten to a bloody pulp because you accidentally went somewhere you weren’t supposed to go for another level.


They either needed to do this or bump up the level of everything after it because once I got to act 3 everything was a joke until the final fight. Hopefully they didn’t scale back the very beginning of Reaper’s Coast though, because that was where I felt the most underpowered. Although some of that was my part for missing quite a few things in Fort Joy.


Yessss. This irritated me so much and then because they were so close to the wall, my characters couldn’t target them! Double win.

Fixed melee attackers sometimes being able to still attack enemies on a higher ledge

Too late for me on this one - I would have loved the “swap positions with my owner” on my dwarven knight instead of my mage.

Fixed a bug with the cat following the last of the players, not the first one

I wonder what this means?

Fixed several issues related to stealing

Yes, another good fix that bothered me to no end! I always ended up whacking someone just because I wanted to select another party member.

Fixed issue where character could be stuck in combat mode and could never sheathe their weapon

Again, not going to help on this playthrough, but sure will be looking forward to this change if I do another ( I think this is when you are going from act 1 to act 2? )

Fixed turn order issue in the fight for the Lady Vengeance

But reworking the escape key will cause me to post to bring it back. Horrible UI saved only by the ESC key, otherwise you’re getting carpal tunnel closing down all those dreadful windows. Now they decide to take that away? BASTARDS

Fixed how main menu and some UIs in GM would handle the Escape button


Yeah, a lot of nice fixes but a few I didn’t like. So, I decided not to apply the patch until after I finish my play-through unless I get stuck on something they fixed. I bought the GOG version because Galaxy lets you turn off updates. I wish Steam did that.