Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


I haven’t yet purchased this but I’m getting close. I was looking into party composition and I have to say I’m a bit confused.

I see advice to pick a premade origin story because they have some backstory and quests. I get that - you pick an origin character. I assume you can change their class so you start out with what you want.

First question: Can you change the gender of the origin characters? Or, if you pick Sebille are you using a female elf?

Second question: if you recruit the other premade characters, do you have the ability to choose their class, or do you get whatever their default classes are?

Third: how important are the classes the other characters start with? Is it possible to completely re-spec a character?

Fourth: if you don’t pick the pre-generated characters, can you create other characters to fill out your party? Are you losing out by not using the pre-made characters (i.e., is there special banter or whatever you miss out on by generating a custom character for your party)?

Fifth: I assume you control your party completely, so does it really matter what character you pick at the start? You’re pretty much just choosing an origin story/questline for that character, right?



That’s slightly different to what happened in that particular fight, but increasingly I am noticing that some enemies get what appear to be more action points than I do. I mean, I start with 4, and use adrenaline rush to get another 2, do an action, use flesh sacrifice to get another point.

I can chain together 3 actions at 2 AP (or 2 at 3 AP) and one more, and then in the next round I will have only 2 AP.

But some enemies seem to carry out 4 or more actions that cost 2 or more AP.



I have a player character and I don’t think I’m missing much. There isn’t all that much banter perse, but there are story points with various characters that help. I have Beast with me and I think there have been 3 instances of story revolving around him, with benefits to my party.

No and yes. You’re supposed to be able to create at most your own player character and then choose upto 3 companions, however, you can create 4 instances of the game via a lan, create 4 separate player characters who are joining the same adventure, and then take control fo them. Apparently it’s a bit janky because you ca never dismiss them etc. Basically make a multiplayer game and be all 4 players.

The two go together. I would say not very important because you can completely respect them from Act 2 onwards. You c also respect your main character, and shift around your attribute points, talents etc.

Yes. When you recruit them the initial dialogue lets you choose.

Pretty sure the answer is no.


I think they each have a couple of quests at some point as well. But the game has plenty of those anyway. :)


Some of it could be the computer abusing things like elemental affinity; you can knock out a bunch of actions with that. Indeed, that has me thinking of starting a new party and trying to do just that. Some elemental affinity with adrenaline on an elf and maybe everything just dies.

Note that I don’t think that’s always it, perhaps not even often. But occasionally it might actually be playing by the same rules, especially if it’s doing a bunch of skills of the same element. Probably not in the boss fights though; you become a boss by cheating your way to the top.


Also, in terms of other characters, you can hire pretty much any type of user created character it seems from the mercenary vendor on the boat in Act II.


When you pick an Origin background, you do the same story you would do with that Origin NPC in your party, but you can make different decisions at points where the NPC just chooses automatically and the conversations are at a different level fo detail.


Indeed - it matters quite a bit what character you choose , since that is what determines your personal story, and there is quite a lot of that. If you don’t care about story though, it doesn’t matter much. They are pretty interesting, and VERY diverse, though.


It’s just occurred to me to use the combat log more. However it isn’t very easy on the eye :(.


That’s the thing on the right that implies it records dialog but actually does no such thing?


I’m under the impression that there are several logs to the right, one of them being dialogue. …


There’s one log, it just has filters to show/hide different categories. ‘Dialogue’ refers to dialogue outcomes, like persuasion checks or attitude adjustments resulting from choices.

Now, I’m not sure what ‘Banter’ refers to though…

Note you can see all actual dialogues in the journal.


I’ve clicked all the buttons in that window and never see dialog. I’m mostly interested in overhead things people and characters say that don’t bring up the dialog interface.


?? There’s a big button labelled ‘Dialogues’, hard to miss! :)

With overheard things, don’t you just wait five seconds and you’ll hear them again? Over and over…


Thanks for that map. Awesomesauce. It’s pretty frustrating that the bridge to the West requires a pretty tough fight to just cross it - far harder than most of the battles I’ve encountered first. However, one battle that stood out is one tough SOB fight that has a big “budda statue” with undead monks around where the statue keeps buffing everyone. Finally figured out a alternate path into that area and took them single-file which was much easier.


If anyone’s stuck there, you can get around the guards with the source hounds on the west side of town. If you follow the river south you can cross it and go back up the other side. There’s a dirt path that goes right past the guards.


Yeah and there’s nothing there.

I’m mostly concerned with stuff my chars say, who say it once and never again. There’s a puzzle at the end of them game where you’re in combat, and you need to hear what your chars are saying to know if you’re doing the puzzle right. If you’re hitting the switch with 1ap left, the screen will immediately jump to the next enemy and you may not catch what your character says about the switch.


Yeah, you know, I had this problem the other day. Some stuff got said out loud and there was nothing in the log and I couldn’t find any reference to it anywhere. No idea what happened.


So I finished it after about 160 hours. But… like the first one, at the end I struggled with the puzzles and quests I couldn’t solve on my own, so I turned to the internet. So in the end, instead of feeling like the hero of Rivellon, I feel like a frustrated idiot.

Such an odd design decision. Just another note in the long list of weird things about this game that mark it as decidedly foreign. I mean, F8 to quickload? Middle mouse button to rotate the camera? Absolute madness.

In the end, the game attempts a Fallout-style ending, telling how the world goes on after your adventure, but falls short. It’s not satisfying. And the “best” ending is worst choice.

I may play it again in a year or so after an Enhanced Edition cleans it up. But 160 hours is a big time investment.


Like a few others, I am annoyed that some of the stuff said in dialog is not recorded anywhere. For example, on the third island, you need to know what sun / moon god alignments are needed. Two people tell you in dialog, but there is no recording of this in your quest log.

I am approaching the end of island 3, I am in the academy. So far, the fights have been a joke on this island. I am enjoying the game, but after I am done, I too do not think Ill replay it for a long time, if ever.

The UI is a mess and I would hope they would try to clean it up. I am also not liking some of the quests and the lack of quest log information. For example, in act 2, I had to talk to a druid guy after doing something for him. I have no idea where he is. The quest log is just something like “Return tot he druid and inform him of you success”. No way point, no other description.

I would like a quest tracker to tell me these things and keep all relevant information about the quests. Then there are puzzle style things I am not so hot on. Like one with glowing ruins that shift around on a grid in some guy’s basement. I just googled that. I have no patience for that kind of thing.