Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


Because of irl commitments I find myself playing this in 1 or 2 hrs slots. I think it works well that way as it means I focus then stop while still enjoying it, I. E. Minimising irritations.


To be fair, if you cast the spirit vision spell the solution is displayed by the door which makes it easy. Figuring out that you need to cast that spell is the hard part, though.


You also need to figure out that you need a 5th tile pressed.


I am in the CIty of Arx, specifically under it in the sewers. So I come across some kids with 3 trolls. One of these trolls is named Latif or something like that. I can not kill this thing. It regenerates 6000hp a round. There is no way I can see to overcome its regeneration. It is flagged at 50% fire resistant, but seems to heal from fire. Its only vulnerability is shock damage, which I have next to none of. However, I did have a bow with shock damage and managed to get both a shock and stun effect on it. In both cases, the very next round it heals for 6000hp and all status effects are removed. I have also frozen the thing and again, every round all status effects are removed and it heals for 6000hp. I have frozen it, burned it, poisoned it. Nothing works.

How in the hell are you supposed to beat this thing? Is there some kind of console cheat code to just kill mobs? THis is just the dumbest encounter I have had so far. Its terrible game design.


You guys weren’t kidding about that second act difficulty bump!
I’m level 11 and keep hitting fights where my party gets wiped out against same level enemies (eg in the graveyard).

My gear is pretty current, but there are a few older rings & stuff that I was hanging on to due to Attribute bonuses as opposed to higher leveled ones that offer more protection.


Scattered around the world are books titled “T is for troll”. If I recall correctly, reading that tells you that to stop it’s regen ability you need to inflict the status it is weak to. So if the troll is weak to air, you’d need to shock it, or maybe stun, not sure. Although you say you did that and it didn’t work, are you sure it wasn’t a turn later or something? Or just kill it outright if you can do enough damage in a round; fairly easy to do if you’re a physical damage group, but since the troll ignores most elemental attacks not so easy if you’re magic based.

Also, if you simply can’t kill it, reload to before you entered the room with the trolls and outside are some crates of things that should be able to destroy them; I didn’t need them but I assume you can access them.


Yeah, shocking it didn’t work. It ignored the status effect and regenerated. I did see some crates of death fog outside the room, but I was locked in and could not get out to get them. Ill try again tonight.


Go west first and explore there, before coming back east.

Troll blood.

There are 2 trolls in Act 2, did you fight them?

I’ve just come accross them and they are incredibly annoying.

Sounds like the talent walk it off, which reduces all effects by 1 round.


It definitely has Walk it Off. Have you tried poison? I remember it being a challenge, but I was able to kill it.


Tonight, Ill try the death fog crate.


yeah, I ran into a lvl 18 troll and a lvl 15 troll on two bridges. The level 15 is nice & only charges a pittance to cross - 3 gold or 1 if you tell her a good story.

The lvl 18 however, I can’t seem to talk to. It just ends up in a fight. I gave it a few whirls but gave up quickly as while it starts out w/out any armor, it buffs as soon as you hit it and is immune to knockdowns. I think I read something about using one person with living on the edge and then getting its armor off once again, rupture its tendons and then then turn it into a chicken. I may try that - once I get to lvl 14 or so (I was level 11 when I first tried it LOL)


Without reading through all this because, you know, spoilers, I got half way through the first one before I got battle fatigue, what’s the most interesting class to start with that offers significant difference from the first one but doesn’t make it overly easy/difficult?


I’ve been playing this 100% co-op, because of course I am. We have a thief, a thief who keeps breaking the damn quests. Here’s the thing about an open game like this… he can steal the quest items, and often the game doesn’t acknowledge he has it so it won’t progress or we have to use plan b or plan c to move on… driving me crazy. And then there is the gaming annoying thing that makes many of the merchants, which is what every character right, somehow know that you stole someones pants in some other region. This makes no sense at all. And of course stealing seems to be one of the best ways to make money so there is the yell and praise combo going on. It’s been a number of weeks since I could play so maybe some of that is addressed now but I didn’t see it in the notes.

There is one main character though that he stole from and that character basically chased us all down to search us trying to find this legendary item he got. Since I didn’t have it, I was released. It was actually a well done skit for that steal.


Steal gold instead of items, problem solved.


I am not the thief. If I could control this guys behavior, he wouldn’t be an undead thief who runs around without a mask and poisons everything all the time.

Other games handled this different, basically by having a different loot pull for thieving than they did the other encounters. if they were going to allow quest items to be stolen, they should have made sure the quests could be updated with that action. They’re approach of solve any quest multiple ways and kill anyone you want… well I think they should have considered stealing a little more.


I don’t remember the first all that well, but for this game my favorite classes are either dual wielding rogue or 2-handed warrior (I prefer spears but that is adding a little difficulty). Both make things a bit more challenging due to the lack of a shield which is a massive defensive boost in this game.

I would say stay away from summoner, as I don’t find them particularly interesting and they make the game stupidly easy. Since their summons do nearly as much damage as a player and then after that first turn they can spend all their time buffing, healing, and controlling it ends feeling as if you have 4.5 or 4.75 characters rather than 4. Although if you favor the lone wolf playstyle with 2 characters max then summoner is probably a pretty good way to get through that.

A lot depends on your preferred playstyle though obviously. I’d say physical damage is an easier way to get through the game as knockdown is the most ubiquitous and easy to apply control skill in the game so if you want a little more challenge but not enough to go up to tactical difficulty maybe play a magic damage party on classic.


Regardless of how they handle stealing, that just doesn’t sound fun.


Yeah, don’t play with people who are dicks?

Or make sure you’re the host so you can reload/steal control from them.


I just accidentally killed the black cat in Fort Joy by telekenising a box on top of him… and of course my last save is from an hour ago (I thought it autosaved every so often??). At any rate, I googled a little so I know why I’d want to save him. Worth it? I’m tempted to accept my fate and plunge ahead.


I wouldn’t sweat it unless you’re playing a character that just won’t have any movement skills. It was useful a couple times, and that was about it. There are enough other summons and movement skills spread throughout multiple skill sets that I don’t think you’ll feel the lack of the cat’s skills.