Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


No, I did not know that. Is there a command for that? Where is that in the interface?


It’s the anchor icon at the top right attached to the mini map


This is not cheese in the least, BTW.


I use this tactic all the time - get a few good hits while the rest of the bad guys hoof it over to where we’re at.


well now I’m growing very frustrated.

I’m stopping until I get an answer - I didn’t get any source points from Mordus and just now, none from Ryker.

I go through the whole ritual, Ryker does his thing, I let him do it and don’t interrupt it. Zip, Zada no source points added to my character.

NeverMind - while it only shows “1” as source points, it will increment to 2 when you stand in a source pool.


Those guys increase your source capacity, which will be a maximum of 3.

You’ll need to stand in a pool or rip the source from people to actually fill the capacity.


Late in act 1 and have two spoilery and one non-spoilery question:

Non-spoilery: baddies continually gang up on my Enchanter in battles. Is that because he has the weakest armor of my party? Since he’s using mage gear he’s got pretty bad physical armor and good magical armor. But everyone and his brother attacks him in the battles. Is there a solution besides “get better gear?” I gave him a point in Strength so he can wear lower level STR gear, is there more I can do?

Q2: Fane is in my party and he has his special headgear. Is this worth using? His armor sort of sucks since that piece has no stats. Is there a reason to use the headgear in a normal situation, or does it make more sense to have him use something more protective most of the time?

Q3: I have 3 pieces of the “Tyrant” gear, which is cursed. I recall reading that if you have all the pieces the curse is lifted. I assume 3 pieces is not the entire set since when I put them on they’re still cursed. Is there any way to remove the curse besides finding the entire set? I tried source Blessing the helmet but that had no effect. If there is another piece available in Act 1 where is it?


What I tend to do is try not to start a fight until I unchain everyone and position them properly. This often means putting the squishy mage-type farther back, with beefier folks between him/her and the baddies. That way, they usually have to go through the sword dudes to get to the finger wigglers. But later on, everyone has some version of mobility abilities so that isn’t as effective. But it still helps, as does taunting (sometimes). Also, you could I suppose invest in that trait or perk or whatever that makes you smell bad and makes the enemy not target you as often in melee.


non-spoiler: I read that if you take the talent glass cannon they’ll gang up on you because their status effects can hit through your armor. Other than that, I’ve seen them go after healers, and just after the weaker party members. There does seem to be at least a basic AI trying to pick the best target. For some reason couldn’t get spoiler to work, so it’s in summary:


[spoiler] q2: Depending on just how min/max you want to be, equipping it to change into the same race as an NPC will get you bonus attitude so you can buy/sell at better prices. Not sure if it helps any with persuasion attempts. In the beginning of the game things like the elven racial ability might be worth giving up weak headgear for. I heard on a stream that the masks you create which are good for only one race can be used while still wearing headgear but haven’t tried it myself so can’t confirm.


q3: There are 5 pieces to the set. The most complicated to find are hidden atop a tower you have to teleport to get to near where you should have beaten up on Wendigo the Witch, at the end of Braccus Rex’ maze, and in the room where Withermoore’s Soul Jar was. The latter requires a wits score of 14 or 15 to detect, peace of mind buff might help if you’re a little short [/spoiler]


Very likely. Whoever is weakest tends to be targeted.


So a couple of buddies and myself have decided to play through the campaign as a group. We started Monday night and after making characters only got to Fort Joy. We decided to play single player just of the content we already played just to get the feel of the different classes and to become more familiar with the game. I found when I was playing single player it was more coherent and I knew what was happening. Multiplayer was very chaotic, fights starting not knowing why, conversations you were not privy to etc.

So you who are playing coop, do you move in a pack, conversing to npc’s together etc or is chaos the way ?


Try to stay together, but sometimes chaos finds you. Remember the game basically freezes when something happens.

If you’re off to grab something and get ambushed or whatever, or some dude comes out and starts talking, just wait for your teammates to get into the area so they can listen in/be ready.


Man I just finished bloodmoon island and that was a very frustrating experience. Quests that I constantly had to look up, a hatch I couldn’t find unless I just randomly dug in a specfic area, a person I couldn’t free without being both pet person & persuasion, a demonic invasion that ignores the fundamentals of the game - eg, knocked down naturally it will invade another host without having to get up and a new spell the baddies do which is called madness which causes anyone afflicted to drink all their potions.

Seriously, this last one with Madness is about to make me uninstall the game because I’ve saved & scrimped to get the potions that I want and this affliction seems to ignore all armor.

The potions really aren’t worth it. You get so little ingredients throughout the game, and then you save & combine & combine, wasting all this time & inventory and then one bout of madness causes them to drink it all.

This is seriously a big problem in the game design for me. I wish I had a mod that removed it.


That kind of thing is a gripe of mine. NPCs sometimes do not seem to play by the rules that PCs do. Up thread I griped about being charmed while having magic armor. The crafting system in the game is almost worthless. Stacks of herbs and whatnot, that I never used. Crafting a high level healing potion from a bunch of herbs is painful. Nevermind all the stat / resistance potions.

The quest system is a mess. I had to google a lot of them. I left areas with lots of unresolved ones because I just got tired of trying to find walkthroughs for each one. They need to give much better hints and capture them in the quest log.


The madness thing is a special fight; as far as I recall I never encountered it again after that one fight. It might make a reappearance in act 4 which I skipped a fair amount of because I was anxious to restart and just wanted to see the ending. And I really enjoyed that madness fight because I found the rest of the island a cakewalk, that was the one interesting encounter in the whole place.

I do agree about the relative pointlessness and aggravation of crafting though. I don’t craft anything other than healing potions, arrows, and skill books. I think I wish they’d just add another civil skill for alchemy so that you could get higher tier potions from one ingredient and then make the ingredients rarer in the wilds and more expensive from vendors.


I could never finish that Bloodmoon quest with the demonic invasion, because for whatever reason, the walkthrough stuff never matched up with my experience, the dude in the cell was already freed from the pillars when I opened the door, and the demon kept jumping from character to character seemingly without end.

So I just said fuck it and went to the next island of poorly implemented quests.


It should be downloaded soon so I look forward to faster loading times and fun frustration with quests!


Stick together but if someone aggros a group into a fight, have them pause while you bring your party into the fray - you can even try sneaking to get within range to spawn a incarnate or fire off a shot that will break your sneaking & get you into the fight order.

You’re going to miss all the dialogues. You CAN click on the dialogue while they are talking to get a running commentary, but I found it’s too hard to follow and you will miss major parts of the game this way & even clues that may be very important down the road. YMMV, but you’re in it for the coop experience, not the dialogue. Some quests will be difficult b/c only one of you heard /read the dialogue.


I’m a little confused as to how masterwork runes work. When you put a rune in a weapon it adds damage. So for instance, if you add a poison rune to a weapon that does X-Y damage, the weapon display will then show X-Y physical and A-B poison damage. But when you add a masterwork rune to a weapon (masterwork runes add physical damage) the damage displayed doesnt change. If it said X-Y before, it says X-Y afterwards. Do those runes even work?


We try to. We have one problem member who keeps rushing ahead, failing all the persuasion checks and then having me try again after a load.

It’s challenging for sure. I can’t imagine how a PUG would work at all. On the other hand, once wer’re out of town like places, it works a lot better, puzzles and hidden things are found nicely with three minds looking for them, and battle strategy actually works pretty well. We’ve done very well on all the battles so far that seem to have given others trouble.

Another plus, I figure he plays like a 13 year old despite being my age, so I figure when my nephews start playing games I will enjoy, I’ll be prepared for their nonsense.