Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


well now I just feel like quitting the game altogether after wandering arx and I keep running into these level 20 void things that just melt my group. They look like ordinary citizens and then they just materialize and even after several restarts, they just keep triggering & doing massive damage. Two completely different areas of the map so far.

So strange, Nameless Isle was too easy and now this is just beyond frustrating. Wondering for 2 hours / restarting and trying to find a path where I’m at level? Not fun.

Where is the Arx map that shows areas by level like someone had done for driftwood?



You’e made it further than me, I’ve recently arrived at the Nameless Isle and pretty much run out of gas with this one. I like the combat, because I love turn based combat in general, but I’m worn out w/ the effort needed to finish up every little piece of an area in order to scale enough to deal with all the stuff you’ve run into you can’t handle. After awhile, frankly I just no longer care enough to bother. I’m no longer engaged by figuring things out and don’t want to keep track of what I’ve got to do, it’s all just become a boring bit of work.

I’d chalk it up to me though, RPGs have been losing gas with me for a long time now, I find most of the dialogue inane and the quests mostly busy work in the service of outfitting your character or scaling them, both of which feel to me like a skinner exercise.

I guess to net it out, I’m just having way more fun playing Warhammer 2 and Xcom2:WOTC.

Again, it’s me, not the game. Somewhere down the road I might find the itch to return and finish, but for now at least, I’m afraid I’m done.


Well I figured it out, which is to say I assumed this was like the fight in the cave while in Fort Joy with the final battle where you are hopelessly outnumbered and the worm shows up to save you, or Driftwood where those voidwoken are supposed to kill / imprison everyone and instead of rage quitting, just finished it to see where it would go.

I focused fire on one (they have like 3x armor than me) and when I killed the one the other 4 said “open the rift” and they fled. Whereas they could have easily wiped my entire party with no problem.

The game trains you to see levels and avoid things, but when stuff like this happens, it really just pisses me off more than anything.


I do have to agree that I’m losing patience the further on I go. Steam says I have 125 hours into it so far. I am not at all intersted in solving puzzles, I just want to get get to the end and Arx is so friggen huge, with so many areas, I’m thinking this is another 20-30 hours at my current playstyle so I totally get where you’re coming from.


I’m on the Nameless Isle, and I wasn’t really paying attention (late night, long play session) and I gave the human God Rhaelic my eyes.


anyway, I’m also getting burnt out. Time to take a break. And then resume with short play sessions, like 2 hrs.

TWH2 on the other hand, I can play and maintain focus for 6 hrs plus…like I did last night.


I’ve specialized Beast in Polymorph and I love the skills he brings to the table. Being able to charge or fly into battle is great, and I love the tentacle whip that gives the target atrophy. Plus being able to either turn someone into a chicken or petrify them is tremendous.

With the makeup of my party, I’ve found that sticking together really benefits us. Fane (Enchanger) can regenerate everyone’s magic armor and now has two different heals, and can nether swap and teleport, Red Prince (Fighter) can regenerate everyone’s physical armor, my guy (Conjurer and Huntsman) has a heal.


Just fired up the game and saw there’s been a patch. Hitting alt now shows lootable bodies (but not other containers). They also seem to have added some sounds when you loot stuff.

Unfortunately, as side effect of the patch is that my main tank’s single-handed weapon seems to have disappeared (and I didn’t notice that until I started a battle…) so I have to go track down a new one. Edit to add: As it turns out, my sword and board tank was using a weapon called the Hanel Lechet, which was changed from one-handed to two-handed. :(


You actually need to do this. You need to die & resurrect to cure it. There is a chest in the lava fields that can be only gotten by dying (using Living on the Edge) and then resurrecting the body out and onto normal ground. That is where I got my eyesight back.


I was tempted to reload, but to its credit this game tempts me to keep playing, just to see what happens.

Like when Lothar stole my stuff. I stole it back but by that point I’d gotten better stuff anyway.

Then I killed him.


I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. I just reloaded because there was an option to have my god take care of that one for me. I was trying to just live with my decisions through that game and I think that might have been the only time I reloaded due to a choice I made and not combat failure.

In one of the other reload situations, I did somehow get that chest without dying (well, after dying in a dozen or more attempts and reloading) so it is possible. I didn’t mind reloading that over and over until I got it as it was amusing me to try. Don’t remember how I did it though. I remember polymorphing and flying down to it for several attempts but I can’t remember if any of those succeeded or if I found a different trick.


I’m a real slowpoke here, still playing and enjoying the game. While my party is doing well in the thick of Act 2, I started musing how it would be interesting to make an all-Conjurer team to see how well summons could do en masse.

The appeal of Summoning is that you get a minion (called an incarnate), who lasts for 10 turns, who’s moderately powerful. You can buff them for melee or ranged attacks. The cool thing about summons is that the element in which you summon them gives them their focus - summon in blood and their attack focuses on physical armor and gives bleeding. Summon them in fire and their attack hits magic armor and sets burning. The incarnates get a taunt attack by default and they get one special attack relating to the element in which they were summoned (blood incarnate gets Mosquito Bite, etc). Other elements work the same way (oil summons set slow and actually ignore all armor). So you can focus your summons however you want. Which is neat. Plus, the taunt means that once the enemy’s physical armor is down you can force them to attack the incarnate (meaning that for the first 3 or 4 rounds of each battle the enemy is mostly just reacting to the incarnate).

As it turns out, though, the key spell for an all Conjurer party is the totem spell. A totem is a summon that’s fixed in place and shoots once per turn. Each Conjurer can have up to 3 totems alive at once (you summon one per turn, only 2 AP per summon). The down side is that they only have around 20 HP so they die in one hit. But since you can summon one each turn, it doesn’t matter a lot if they are killed.

I decided to try an ‘All-Conjurer’ party to see how viable it could be. So far it’s both hilarious and powerful. I’m up to the last battle in Act 1 and have been having a blast with this team. The great thing about the summoning skill is that it scales with points in Summoning, not in one of your primary stats. So as long as I pump Summoning, I can devote attribute points however I want - so I have a guy who specializes in Strength, a couple who specialize in Intelligence, and so forth. Not being forced to pump points into a primary stat means I can put a couple of points into Strength and Finesse, meaning my team can wear most any gear they find. Right now everyone has pretty high regular and magic defense. And being able to summon up to 12 totems and 4 incarnates on the battlefield at once means the enemies frequently can’t even get close to me before dying. Even when someone dashes into the midst of my group I simply teleport them far away and then throw out a few totems. Oh, and did I mention that totems do a great job of blocking paths? So you can funnel enemies where you want or keep them from getting to you by setting up a line of totems!

I’m currently specializing my guys in different magic schools so they each have a little bit of magic to throw out - going to find some AOE spells so I can stand back and throw down some AOE, then dump totems on it, then just keep alive and plink away from afar.

The downside of this scheme is that battles tend to take a while, especially when the game is figuring out the totem turns. Plus you can’t direct the totem attacks; they attack whoever they want to in range. So it’s difficult to focus fire someone down. But it’s certainly been entertaining!


While I doubt Ill play D:OS2 again, if I do, I was going to do it with an all summoner / caster party.
I think it would be a wrecking crew.


I’m on Arx, final few battles. Tried the doctor, but for some reason Malady doesn’t show up to take me to the spirit realm (may be because Lohse is not in my party). Tried twice against the doctor, but he transforms into a one man wrecking crew with about 2 heavy demons & 5 witches The key seems to be getting him before he transforms per some walk-throughs I’ve seen. I’ll have to give it a few more tries.

Any idea why Malady is not showing up? Or other tips to take him out?


Well, that doctor fight is very hard to keep him from transforming, but I did it on the 3rd try and finished him off. Interestingly enough, a few of the hard demons didn’t materialize so finishing off the nurses was rather trivial.


What a cluster fuck of a end fight. I only have one option - fight. I have ifan in my group & he refuses to stand down. No way to win here against so many and the way the game forces you into a group to be pummelled is just stupid.

Such an awesome game marred by such a fucked up end fight. I’m debating whether to re-roll or just uninstall.


Here is what I did, Tman:
I tried the end fight, and yes it was total bullshit. There are a fair number of bullshit fights in D:OS2, but this was, by at least an order of magnitude of new levels of bulshittery beyond anything else in the game so far. In phase 2 of the fight, the worm appears, breaths fire (or something) on everyone in the party and pukes up all the boss villains you killed (even though I ate their souls), then one character gets a move, then the worm goes again doing even more damage, and everyone dies. It was not even close. I could do next to nothing about it.

Anyway, I then went to the main menu, deleted all my saves, and uninstalled the game.
Fuck that bullshit fight and terrible design. I hope they nerf that fight in the future.


I’m having a tough go with a fight near the end of Act 2 (I assume it’s near the end!). All I have left in Act 2 is Bloodmoon island, one fight in the Blackpits, and a couple of random encounters in the wild that have super tough creatures

One question about some spots in the Blackpits in Act 2, and whether I sold an item too early:

I’ve run into some Shriekers in Act 2 (2 by that building in the Blackpits, and one by the waypoint in the Blackpits cave). I sold my purging wand and that tyrant helmet with purge, thinking I wouldn’t need them. Can I get purge as a spell or do I need to track down the purging wand from one of the 20 vendors I might have sold it to? Or can I just move on (I’ve finished that building and I assume this fight with Aeterna is the end of the cave/ancient temple.

And the battle I’m having trouble with… any tips?

It’s the fight with Aeterna. My all-Conjurer group is level… I wanna say 14, and most battles up to now have been smooth. What happens here is that the group gets locked down by all those wolf thing summons and then she decimates us with her spells.

The second time I tried it I got down to just her and one wolf but that was with Lohse at about 100 hp, so it ended the next turn. My thought was to move 3 members of my party to the extreme other end of the area (out of range), and trigger the conversation with Ifan by himself up at the sarcophagus. Once the battle starts I’d have Lohse teleport him to the rest of the party. Then the strategy would be to wait for the wolves to come to us and try to take them down so we’re fighting Aeterna by herself (which I think I can win).

Another thought was to spend all my source points before the battle starts, so she can’t suck them out of me and use them on her spells.
Any other tricks to this?


On the selling of source draining items: You can buy them back, however, you do not need to because:

If you see the lizard lady you have the quest for (one of the main reasons to visit that island), she will help you perform a ritual to visit your god. He will teach you the source vampire spell. She is just up the road from town hanging from some gallows. You need to rescue her.

As for the other fight, the one you are having trouble with. That was another one of the bullshit fights the game throws at you. I forget what I did. However…

IIRC they are all undead. Cast some fire, bless it, and it becomes holy fire. Heals you, hurts undead.


I downloaded a trainer/hack and gave my party unlimited health. As you said, fuck that bullshit fight.


I got pretty dependent on teleport just for things like this fight - allows you to bring people close or get them away.


Kind of how you suggest - keep your party on the raised platform above the loot boxes except for one guy who has to open them to trigger the event. Then teleport her over to you and focus fire on her. It was pretty easy when you teleport her to you.