Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!



Killing Aeterna doesn’t dispel her summons? I poured all my effort into killing her and still had 5 of the summons left to handle. This fight is making me angry!


This is a hard / tough fight that many people have been frustrated with, and as I’ve said I liberally use teleport to keep my focus - teleport away the enemies with lots of health allows me to focus on the ones I’m whittling down. What is your party makeup? Are you keeping everyone together? Do you have skills like mend metal, that can heal everyone?

In general, things that I’ve learned in this game:

  1. Inspect your foes. See their resistances and note the amount of physical / magical armor
  2. Create a plan and specific order in which you want to kill things.
  3. All of my characters have incarnates. I typically spawn them first. You get the 1st whack and then an opportunity attack when the character they are next to moves. Use the power infusion to get ramming / AOE attack.
    NOTE: If attacking foes with magic armor, spawn incarnates in a magical surface so they will do magic damage
  4. Teleport anyone that’s low down on the list away from the battle as far away as possible
  5. Use Petrify or Dominate Mind on foes where you’re focusing on magic armor, or knockdown/earthquake/rush for physical based (except when they are immune)
  6. Everyone should have armor of frost and fortify (scrolls and/or skills) to keep everyone from getting to zero because we all know bad things happen when armor goes to zero.
  7. Prioritize keeping armor on everyone unless you have Executioner (+2 AP for a kill) instead of doing more damage.


I beat Aeterna by using resurrection scrolls liberally. I burnt through about 7 or 8 of them, and had just my main character on 10% health, and the dwarf on like 5 % health.

It was a very tough fight but not what I would call totally bullshit.


No, it is not a totally bullshit fight. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is a small amount of bullshit that gives the enemy a slight, unfair advantage, I would rate this fight as a 5, or maybe a 6.

The final fight is an 11, or perhaps 12 of on a scale of 1 to 10. Be ready for that one.


I have yet to get to that fight.

I stopped at the Nameless Isle, and then TWH2 seduced me.

I will finish DOS2 at some point.


Aeterna was much harder for me than the final fight.

The final fight isn’t bad. Focus the Hammer woman to trigger phase 2. Lucian and some of the others may ignore you and attack Braccus Rex.
Focus Braccus and kill him and win the game.


Aeterna wasn’t too bad, sure her starting move is bullshit, but the dogs are easily controlled by any amount of magic AOE (e.g. Medusa Head perma locks them down for several turns), and she’s not too hard to keep on her ass either.


So I just beat Aeterna tonight. With the proper set up it was actually reasonably easy.

I had three necklaces with rune slots and three source orbs so I equipped them all giving three of my characters Evasive Aura. Whenever a character got in trouble I popped the aura and then spent my next turn buffing or healing them. I also decided to prioritize using my source points so she couldn’t drain them from me.

I also read that mind controlling some of the dogs was a decent strategy. I just happened to have mind maggots and a grenade shell in my inventory so I made a mind maggot grenade.

I then positioned one guy at the sarcophagus, to initiate the conversation, one person with teleport behind where Aeterna would spawn, near the top of the steps and my last 2 guys way down at the other end of the arena. When I started the conversation I switched to the second character, who was not in combat, and teleported Aeterna to the other end of the arena where the two guys were waiting. Then when the battle started the two guys in the back summoned incarnate’s who started beating on her. It took the dogs a few turns to get there and by that time Aeterna was mostly dead. One character got pinned by two dogs and I Had her throw out some fire to get rid of their magic armor then I maggot grenaded them to mind control them. The guy at the sarcophagus popped evasive aura and then just started running to the rest of the group Interestingly enough when I killed Aeterna the mind controlled dogs disappeared so I only had to fight two dogs and then the two that had to run from the other end of the arena. By the time they got there that’s all I had to fight and it was a cakewalk.

However, if the BS factor of that fight is only 6, I shudder to think of the final battle.


Awesome! Great job getting through it.

You’re going to hate the final battle ;-)

(for the record, I just punted and re-rolled a new set of characters)


What are you re-rolling as? I am thinking that a few of the games I wanted to play this year have been pushed back to next year. This might mean that I may have a lot of free time for christmas or T-day vacation. Maybe one last play through of D:OS2 might be in order if I can’t find another game to fill the void.


I’m doing an all mage team. I was pretty physical focused the first run through, so I want to experiment with all the different magic trees.


Just a random thought: why do looking glasses exist? If your character has a high enough loremaster skill they should be able to identify the item. If not, it stays unidentified and you can pay someone to do it. The whole Looking Glass mechanic is dumb.


On my 2nd playthrough, just hit the black pit gates last night, and I thought it was interesting that I’d run into a few things during this playthrough that were quite a bit different than the first play through.

I also skipped bartering and instead just focusing on lucky charm and so far I’ve been able to buy everything I’ve needed. Money is kind of tight because I’ve been getting all the defensive scrolls (fortify, armor of frost, soothing cold, Mending Armor) on everyone, but now that’s taken care of in act II I’m not having any issues with $$.

Added Lohse + Fane, dropped Sebille + Ifan

  • In Fort Joy, Lohse got me into trouble with the elves in the cave
  • I was surprised that Sebille picked a fight in the dialogue with me and we had to fight & kill her.
  • For some reason I decided to cast spirit vision while at the lotus flower off the path at the edge of Stonegarden, man that was surprising. Highly recommended if you haven’t done that.
  • Took a different dialogue option with Gareth while he was burying his parents. Whoa.
  • Totally different dialogue when you meet Jahan (about Lohse)

I’m doing a 4-mage build, but equipping two of them with melee weapons so I can do stomp and everyone has summons, although the levels are pretty weak with exception of 1 who is up to level 8 I think. All have shields so I can do shields up, so no two handed weapons - It makes inventory a lot easier when you’re only focusing on one handed weapons.

So far it’s been quite a bit easier on the fights, but part of that may be because I know what’s coming and how to prepare and another may be that I have 4 mages + 4 incarnates + 4-8 totems going off every round, I think it’s more of the latter.

For example, in my first playthrough I skipped the “A Danger to herself” quest with the sick girl Natalie in the cellar because some walk through recommended to have something that I didn’t have. This time I was like well let’s see what the fuss is about. Holy crap what a fight. I took the long way & killed all her fears and while it was touch & go, that was a doozy of a fight.

EDIT: forgot to ask tips on keeping Fane healthy. Every fight the enemies are casting healing on him. Right now I’m relying on poison potions to keep him up & running since I can’t use my other heals on him. Any other tips?


My Fane was a geomancer who could just poison bolt himself.


I just caught up with this thread from early October. I think one person said they were enjoying the game! Hehe.


I was enjoying the game, quite a bit, but at some point, towards the end of at 2, it just started to feel…bloated I suppose.

I think Act 2 was maybe slightly too long?


If Fane has his mask on and appears as a living being, then the NPCs will not cast heal on him.


Got a game breaking bug (good thing for save games):
Non-spoiler version: There will be an area finale fight on the nameless isle, make sure you don’t use summons/incarnates or you won’t be able to progress in the game some time after.
Spoiler: When you are fighting your god on the nameless isle with meteorites coming down, the incarnates (even if dead) will keep the battle going even after you get back to your ship, going to the ship hold will make it seem like the battle is over but later on you won’t be able to use the ship to call Malady in order to get to Arx.
A minor one:

If you trick the paladins in Arx to leave you alone with Wendigo, they will keep pestering you afterwards as if you are still in the prison (even Kemm on the surface) and asking you to step away from the device holding the cell closed. After a couple of these conversations, all Paladins will simply go agro on the party.


@AquaMafia I have an all Summoner party and I did not have any problems with that fight on the nameless Isle, as I was able to go on to Arx.


One of the biggest gripes I have with this game is the poor way they seem to handle questing. I don’t particularly mind that the quests are so open-ended, but I feel they needed to put a teeny bit more direction in the log as to how you close the quest out. Many quests appear to be done to me (i.e., I’ve killed whoever, or fixed whatever) but because I didn’t talk to a specific person (or whatever) the quest says open until it gets closed when I move to the next act.

One thing though, the difficulties with closing out quests did cure me of obsessively trying to clean up all my quests before moving to a new area!