Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


Did they ever fix the encounter with the revenants in ark? You know the guys who respawn in cursed fire? The 2nd set which seemed un killable?

I am actually playing this again with an all summoner party. It definitely is the most powerful / easiest party combination I have experienced so far.


Totally agree. I would add that just FINDING the quest you are interested in is as much a frustrating game as trying to close it out. I just completely gave up on this portion and have to spend all sorts of time clicking through quests because they got too creative on the quests names that I don’t have the foggiest idea which quest I’m looking for.

And to add insult to injury - on my 2nd playthrough and Tarquin is still AWOL!!! They’ve tried to patch him so many times, and I’m just flummoxed. What a cluster fuck.


Feature not a bug? I blessed the cursed fire during or prior combat, one kill dead.


When we fought them they would respawn in literally any cursed fire on the map.

It didn’t matter what you did, if there was cursed fire someplace, they’d spawn there.
T’was silly.


Strange, in my case i only had to bless the 4-5 cursed fires near the enemy.


I tried blessing the guys but I didn’t think about blessing the fire… Aargh!

I just finished that fight and I pretty much cheesed it. I have three people in my party with teleport. I positioned them spread out and would teleport from player one to player two to player three to the courtyard outside the consulate. It seems that the one patch of Necro fire in the corner outside is too far away for them to respawn in. Plus it gets some of the NPC‘s involved in the battle. Not that I really need their help but what the heck.

Once I figured out that strategy the battles want the tough actually. Of course I had to kill the first guy like seven times before I figured out it wasn’t working!


Nice cheese! I wish the Red Prince would have commented during the fight and give a hint about blessing the fires.


I did bless the fires to put them out, but you only have so much source. I did pull them outside of the consulate and they continued to respawn when I played it last. Maybe I need to pull them across town or something.


I am working my way through the lizard consulate and I got to say the fights are getting pretty ridiculous. The last couple of flights all seemed to devolve into my party fighting five guys who are super spread out and hard to get to, four of whom cast crazy amounts of spells every turn. I swear those guys all eat sleep and dream Necrofire. Oh yeah, did I mention that they also can teleport every other turn and cast terrified/charm every third turn? I’m making it through there but it is feeling more and more like a slog instead of an enjoyable experience.


That would be about where I stopped playing, doubt I’ll ever pick it up again either.


That didn’t ring a bell, so I looked up online and it appears I somehow completely skipped this in my first playthrough. Sounds like a horrible fight.


It’s actually 3 horrible fights in a row. The weird thing is, after I completed it, I have no idea why it’s there (I guess to give you exp?) you go into this dream portal to a big battle, then you go into a battlefield to a second battle, then to an oasis for a third battle. Then you take a portal back to where you started. So while you get a lot of xp and some gear, I dunno if there is some larger issue at play here.


I didn’t do that area first time through, but I think it’s there for the red prince quest line.


Thought I would give an update on my all-mage team with summoning - all my characters have summoning level 10 through gear + levels, and most are at level 4 (some at 5 with gear) for their primary skill (hydro / aero / geomancer / necromancer)

Everyone has fortify, armor of frost & teleport. Primary weapons are utilized very little.

It’s been largely a cakewalk.

For example - I went after Alexander in the Elf Tree instead of battling him later. Previously, when I’m leaving the academy where the fireballs come, it was a really, really long fight. This time it was over in 10 minutes.

I think this is a flaw in the game where you believe all the things are equal, but summoning is just so powerful - you only waste one turn spawning an incarnate, and then you get to do something new from then on until you finish, so you get to cast more spells / totems / teleport for example. Whereas on my first playthrough I did a 2H warrior, and I was playing with my son who was doing summoning and it always pissed me off I would only do a fraction of the damage his incarnates would do.

I do a fair amount of keeping my armor up and the group is always together to better utilize some of the mass heals, in hindsight if I would have had Irfan and his dome of protection, I’d be even more potent.

I did hit a weird bug though - was finishing up at the academy after battling my dopplegangers, and the battle wouldn’t stop - the fireballs continued to rain down even though my entire party was back at the boat, so had to revert to a save (fortunately for me I had one near the end of the battle) and replay the ending again.



@tman I agree summoners have a pretty easy time of it. I’m in Act 4 with my all-summoner party (where all summoners have fortify, magic shell, teleport, and the teleport swap spell, whatever it’s called) and it’s still a cakewalk. I summon incarnates, buff them, and spend the rest of the time deciding where to put my totems down. Enemy too close? Teleport him away!

The main annoyance is Necrofire, and getting charmed/terrified, but aside from that nothing really bothers me.


Great for them. Outside NWN, earlier ones, this has to be a top non-MMO RPG for MP. I am glad I purchased both.


Oh, thank goodness.


I wish they had taken that a step further and made it so that any talent from any party member affected everyone. IE: Bartering, Lockpicking, etc…


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