Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Use more elements than Captain Planet!


A 25% off coupon just popped into my inventory. Looking back in this thread though it seems people really didn’t like it that much, or liked the first act but didn’t like the 2nd half of the game. My big complaint with the first game was the over use of environmental effects, which I think they doubled down in this game. I thought the actual combat mechanics were pretty great. It seems like this game also relies on teleporting enemies into the battle to ambush you which doesn’t sound appealing.

I think between this and Pillars of Eternity 2, I’d rather go with PoE2.


There was an act 4 patch last year, but I guess chickens are still OP?


I thought the game was mostly outstanding, but if you don’t like the environmental system it’s probably not going to work for you. There is a noticeable dropoff in storytelling/dialogue quality in the final act, but if you’re comparing it to Pillars of Eternity, well, that game was much worse in the final act so…

As far as “teleporting” enemies, I didn’t notice that happening with major frequency but I think some amount of it is unavoidable because of their multiplayer support allowing parties to be split at will. There’s just no way to balance an encounter for a split party and have it still work for a full party without either enemy additions or blatantly cheating enemy stats.


My best game of 2017 by far. Think of it as a bit like XCOM for combat but in a fantasy environment and where the the environment is a lot more usable.


I haven’t finished the game (yet) but from what I’ve seen up to mid act 2 the gimmicky gameplay was far, far less annoying than in DOS1.

On a somewhat related note, have there been any major QoL improvements since the game was released? I’ve had quite a few gripes with the excessive micromanagement.


I loved the fact that you never knew what the battle was going to throw at you. To me that wasn’t gimmicky that was awesome. always kept us on our toes.


There are always people in every thread that don’t like it much, and they’re usually the ones that are keenest to let you know about it. ;)

I found it superb, one of the best games of last year. Even if you do only play the first half that’s a lot of quality hours.

The first game was pretty decent, but they knocked it out of the park with this sequel!


Well yeah, most of the time in any thread about a game the people being most vocal either loved it or didn’t care for it.

Take me as an example, I thought the first game was fantastic and thought the 2nd half of this one was such a chore I stopped playing it.

Guess I must be one of the people you guys are talking about, haha


What is Larian working on now? DLC? A another sequel?
Id love for them to do a first person open world game ala Skyrim in the Divinity universe using the mechanics from D:OS2. Perhaps some changes for being a solo character instead of a party of 4.

BTW I was thinking about doing a lone-wolf play-though. How viable is this on normal difficulty or is it super difficult to do?


Two lone wolves or one? I found the game with 2 LW characters easier than with a party of 4, the only downside is that you can’t take all the utility skills.


Hmm, I thought that lone wolf was a single character. If I can have two…
Summons don’t count right? I can have one warrior and one summoner / mage, right?


I think LW means no companion for that one character - but you can play co-op with someone else and they can still have either a companion or another Lone Wolf.

E: Or, of course, if you play solo with both characters same thing - two LW’s


Yeah you can have summons. LW only removes the ability to recruit a companion, which means you can have two lone wolves. Less micro, better stats, but also a little less story/quest interactions. I recommend you bring Fane because he can morph into other races which will unlock some quests paths that wouldn’t be available otherwise.


In a solo game, you can have 2 LW right? Or is that reserved for multi-player?


Yes, you can have 2x LW in a solo game.


You can actually do that no matter what. Not sure if you can get the Mask of the Shapeshifter recipe in the world somewhere, but you can get it from him before you have to officially choose party members.


In a multi-player game, is it possible to create two custom characters or does the other play just take over one of the NPC companions?


Both players can make their own characters if they’re so inclined.

Edit: Or rather all. Or you can all be the premades, who have their own unique stories.


All four players can make a custom character or use a pre-generated. Our 3 player game has 3 custom and one pre-genrated. The pre-gen has some nice, interesting stories, quests and stuff.


I’ve started playing the game again (determined to finish it this time!) but I made the ‘mistake’ of starting with two LWs and the game is already too easy in act 1. Any ideas for a good 4 man party comp? Ideally I’d like to have a 2h and a ranger, with maybe necro as 3rd, but I’m also open to the idea of running two elemental mages. I’ll be playing on classic, fwiw. Origin characters only, NO SEBILLE. She is terrible and her quests in Fort Joy already kills too many important npcs. Thinking of skipping Fane too since he has been my pick for MC every time lol.